DLC Question

#1 Posted by SharinganEye007 (25 posts) -

Hey people,

Just downloaded the Bundle 1 and i noticed its size is 1,95GB!

Does that mean its not visible to anyone that hasnt downloaded it?

If so, the DLC would be pretty pointless, wouldnt it?


If you know something, feel free to reply thx

#2 Posted by RAvEcREAToR23 (79 posts) -

i got only sarah dlc items customized & played online easy with dlc items on her ...

#3 Posted by SharinganEye007 (25 posts) -

Of course u can play the dlc online,

my question is if others can see your customization...

#4 Posted by RAvEcREAToR23 (79 posts) -

they must see them . if not then they see only A costume no mater wat you customized ? interesting ...

#5 Posted by diego02 (124 posts) -

Unfortunately, only those who also have purchased DLC will see your custom outfits. I only get to see the default A costume on people with custom outfits - though I can see they are using one because it will display, "Costume D" or "Costume C", etc.


Which really sucks - almost like Sega is punishing those who have not bought the costumes, while inadvertantly devalueing their own DLC to those who have.


I'd have loved to have at least been able to see people's outfits - it may have enticed and amused me all at once; but 15 bucks is a lot to spend to play dressup on half the roster - let alone the whole crew. Especially when only others who've also made the choice to buy can see your custom dude(ette).

#6 Posted by RAvEcREAToR23 (79 posts) -

stupid but atleast game not block players without addons to play against players with addons . like was with mk desinchronyzed or something if you use costume that opponent not have ...