Resistance 2 delivers and is TRULY the way a sequel to a ground breaking game should be!

Having played and greatly enjoyed Resistance: Fall of Man I made sure that my pre-order was one of the first. So I ordered the game via Gamestop and, on November 4th, rushed to the store to secure my copy.

Resistance 2 DELIVERS. As a sequel to an extra ordinary game I feared that it might suffer short comings but the second is truly marvelous. Many weapons are not only fundamental and useful but essentially necessary in some fights. Environments are sharp and the sound of war has never sounded so real. Enemies are clever and with such a huge variety its hard to know just what may come at you next.

A few short comings that I made note of was the fact that the graphics definitely took a downfall. After beating the 2nd Resistance I went back through the first and found the chimera looked much sharper, but it is such a small difference that after a few minutes you quickly forget. Another was, though I appreciate them making the game harder, the new health system seems spontaneous and rather short. Sometimes you can take ten hits and still be set for action. Other times you take only three shots and have to hide for ten seconds. This steals away from the fast pace action of the game sometimes but, once again, this is a small problem and the overall game more than makes up for both of these.

Final Note: Buy it, play it, and experience the marvelous chaos that is Resistance 2!