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What Gamespot Users have to say about Viper Racing

  • Rating:10

    A highly addictive and timeless racing sim.

    This game is one of my favorite racing games. Gameplay wise it hasn't aged a bit although it was released a decade (!) ago, and even graphics wise it still looks good today. The career mode makes this game highly addi... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:9.1

    Unbelievably real for a 1998 racing game!

    This game might have been made in the past century, but you will be surprised how the car handles! With each new added component to the car, the whole driving experience changes. I have been playing this game since 1998,... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:8.5

    This is a Papyrus game, the folks who later brought us the great NASCAR series. The physics engine is excellent, the tracks are great, and career mode is just a lot of fun. The other driver AI's are little bit stupid; ... Read Full Review

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