It's a good game, not great... good enough...

User Rating: 8 | Viking: Battle for Asgard PC
I bough for just a couple of Euros on Steam and I thought to give it a try, especially when I noticed many people thought it to be a failure of a game.
The game is an action RPG and yes, we've got plenty of action and some RPG system. You can upgrade your health and also you can buy some new combos. The story is simple: oour hero must free his land from Hel (of course the name comes from Hell) and in order to do that he must liberate certain points on the map. You have dragons alongside when you participate in the major battles which are epic enough. You start with hundreds of Viking warriors and you have to defeat and cast out Hel's forces from every major towns.
You can use stealth sometimes which is fun at the beginning, but later on this becomes repetitive.
The game has some flaws, besides repetitiveness, and one of them is the graphics. It seems it's not a game released in 2012, but one released in 2005 or so.
Overall it's an enjoyable game, not at all a masterpiece.