Run of the mill Twisted Metal clone.

User Rating: 3 | Vigilante 8: 2nd Battle DC
For some bizarro reason car-combat games flooded the gaming market in the late 90's. The original Twisted Metal had some novelty value, but beyond that there were exactly zero reasons to play any of the clones that came after it. they all looked alike, played alike, and sucked alike. thankfully the genre was put out of it's misery and given a suitably mediocre swan-song in Twisted Metal Black. Vigilante8 looks and plays like a hastily slapped together port of a PS1 game... and just like 2/3's of all Dreamcast games it is. It looks like crap and it plays like crap. Models suffer from every graphics glitch you can imagine, making it seem as if you are in a cardboard cut-out of a car in a world full of paper targets. The controls make it seem as if you are playing this game while chemically impaired, and the backstory is just plain stupid. You've been warned.