It's like a sequel to always get more money in the beginning but is never as good as the original...

User Rating: 8 | Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense N64
Don't believe me about V8 being a gem? Well, maybe you'll believe it when you play the sequel.
Having defeated the notorious Coyotes, here's what happened to each character in Vigilante 8:

Chassey Blue: Went to California and became a blockbuster movie star.
Houston 3: Loses the bionic implants and runs off with Convoy.
Convoy: Defeats Sid Burn.
Sid Burn: Gas runs out 100 miles away from the gas station.
Sheila: Lives with Houston and Convoy.
John Torque: Captures Sid Burn and collects his bounty.
Dave: Finally comes in contact with aliens.
Loki: Finds a UFO and crashes it.
Boogie: Caught by the police and sent to jail. (so he's doing the jailhouse rock now:) )
Beezwax: Gets blown up by a warhead due to one of his clumsy bees.
Molo: Sent to juvie right after getting accepted into coyotes.
"Y" the alien: The UFO Loki crashed was Y's!

Am I forgetting someone? Oh well...

Everyone was living regularly until 9/17/77, when three futuristic cars attacked a Peterbilt (Convoy) from behind! The whole thing started over again... this time, the leader is... SLICK CLYDE! Oh, yeah, THAT'S who I forgot!
Slick Clyde: Puts on Houston's armband and becomes leader of OMAR.

Second Offense is basically just a much bigger package that V8, more characters, more courses, more weapons, and more of a challenge for the most of it!
There are so many new things to the game!
Like instead of just Vigilantes and Coyotes, there are also the Drifters those who just happened to get caught in the middle of this mess.
The quest mode is the biggest difference, you go all across the United States instead of just four states. Also, instead of just protecting and destroying things, you'd also have to collect and deliver sometimes. So, if the Vigilantes protect, and the Coyotes destroy, what do the Drifters do? Well, you just never know! It's always so bizairre and unique. Like, stopping the truck on the bridge, lure the train into the station, or break up amassing icebergs, okay maybe that's not so unique...
The multiplayer is awesome too! When you completely beat the game, the whole package is immense!
You've got some veterans and newcomers!(V=Vigilante D=Drifter C=Coyote) Like Obake (C) Dusty Earth (D) Dave's Cultsmen (V) Dallas 13 (C), and some that even change sides, like Slick Clyde is now on the bad side, Houston is now on the good side, and Chassey Blue is a drifter!

I don't know about you, but my brain has just about reached car blasting capacity.