Vigilant 8 proves that: If you are not the best and the biggest in what you will do and still try to inovate, we

User Rating: 9.1 | Vigilante 8: 2nd Battle DC
Taking TM:B this month, here in Brasil it´s hard take old games, I was surprise by the fact that the father of car destruction games make a wonderful son-V8 2nd Off- and was capable to learn very well with it.
The changing place guns, some secundary weapons, music really being part of the state, no remote, stages with great participation, the cars and players( Preacher, Junkyard Dog Crazy 8. Well, I dont play TM:B like a I´ve played V8 but at least I see these situations and it fits to me like an good thing.
But again in V8, the game just fail to bring more deep missions and maybe in try to create a special option to bring a more realistic game play. In the middle of a burning like hell match the air control of the car are a hand on the wheel but just don´t fit fully right to me.
Controls: fast and right. Push something and you wil have the result. And with car very fast against the slower ones you have to learn the control and the special weapons very fast an well. But you will recieve a deep charge of fire in your blood at certain matchs. Hint: If you think: I´m good enough, train a friend or even your litlle sister and get ready, the things can get really hot!!
Graphics: Bright, well done and that´s it, simple and effective. See the missiles and the explosions are a verey, very welcome moment.
Content: Good number of cars to be open and videos too. The levels of V8 are here, all of them.
The customize options was a non-explored function. This option cul have bring the game to the on lie era with a good bang. They don´t had usesed well the experience learned in Interstate ´76, the pc game are the deep soul of vigilant, but much more deep an realistic.
Maybe some day we can recieve a new V8 for the new consoles and if get close to Intertate and a more custom options on the cars look too, its better to the guy como back from his greek weeks to some twist on the twisted metal or the clow will pay!!!