If you like explosions, cars, strange looking characters, and guns, this is your game.

User Rating: 7.5 | Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense N64
This is a perfect game for me and thousands of others, with explosions, and cars you can't go wrong. This game looks nearly exactly like the first Vigilante 8 you couldn't tell a difference.

A problem I had with this game is that It is hard to control at times, and when you get the hover power-up its extremely hard. The computer players aren't too challenging but they aren't easy either. Theres no problem using the weapons, the problem is aiming them. The special moves that every car has seem to fit the car, like the van can summon little UFOs and the limo has the lazer holding thing.

The graphics are extremely nice for a Nintendo 64 game, though almost too similiar to the first. Nothing looks un-detailed or blocky. The colors aren't bright, they are usually kind of dark or pale. The explosions look nice when you destroy another car or when you blow up a building.

The sound gets repetitive since there are only about 8 or 9 songs in the whole game, But each is unique and different then the other. The character's sound matches what they would sound like in real life pretty much. Though some people and sounds are just annoying to listen to, like when the tow truck lady uses her special.

The re-play value is actually very good because this is one of those games you will wan't to play at partys with friends, without getting stale fast. If you ever see this game in a bargain bin at Toys-R-Us or maybe at a yard sale, I would recommend on you buying it because it is fun but might get boring in a month or two.