WildStar - Dev Speak: Ability Mechanics

Learn how you, the player, control what your character can do in this episode of DevSpeak.



Really looking forward to this game and I like that they're trying to make the game mechanics more involving.

There's one problem with this though.

Grinding and farming in most MMOs is indeed boring but it's always needed. It can be pretty relaxing though if you're eating and listening to music while you grind away for 12h.

Now with involved mechanics you'll raise your adrenaline levels and I bet it's still boring to grind just that now it will require your full attention meaning it could be a pain to quest for 5-6h or farm a rare drop.

I'm sure it still gets boring to fight 20 monsters for a kill quest even if you have to pay more attention to timing your moves and aiming.

I'd rather be relaxed and bored than sweaty and stressed out and bored while waiting for that rare drop.

It's a small concern though. This game is looking very impressive so far and I can't wait to try it out. I hope these guys know what they're doing and it's looking like they do.


It's always good to see, or hear, developers reaching out to the consumers. To me, that's a sign of loyalty and worth supporting an organization for.

Unlike some others that don't care about the consumer and focus solely on profits. Money-grabbing pot-roasted pigs like Electronic Arts. 

WildStar looks like an original massively-multiplayer online experience - I'm definitely going to have to give the beta (or the game) a shot.


Playing FFXIV for the time being but I am so getting this game on day one.