Wii U Technical details

The technical details of the Wii U are explained by Mr. Satoru Iwata.

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    Bad english Mr. Satoru. Not very easy to understand you.


    wii u.. see you !




    He sounds mad asian with it lol :P


    this one is not veterans and hardcore gamers at all


    @PROvY17 The controller is not a portable system. It has no processors and cannot create graphics on its own. It only displays what the Wii U console sends it wirelessly. The controller needs the console to function.


    @brylynt good point


    @halosqrrl yes it is actually a new console. If it were as you are describing then the games coming to the wii u would be playable on the wii this is not the case.


    this is not a new console it is the next iteration of the wii its like the ds and the ds lite it is only minor hard ware improvements and a new type of controller (the wii had tons of different controllers)


    << LINK REMOVED >>

    Definatly sounds like it. Almost like a Wii 2.0



    Erm, actually it's going to be more powerful than any system on the market for like the next 1-2 years, the DS lite was the same hardware as the DS, btw. I've seen plenty of people people trolling Nintendo fans, but two trolls agreeing with other seems to defeat the purpose of trolling to me...


    Wait, wait, wait "Eagles409", they won't sell the controllers seperately? What if it breaks or something? And only supporting one is, as "tfkrocks" said, it's just sad.


    @Eagles409 So it can only support one at a time? That's sad. :( Will it play Gamecube games and have the Wii shop (and perhaps a Wii U shop also)? If it did, it would the awesomest thing EVER!! I wish I could get this, but I'm poor (I'm only a Freshman in high school). At least I have a Wii.


    I just saw an article that says the system can only handle one of these controllers at a time, so the other players will have to use the Wiimote. The article also said Nintendo won't be selling the controllers by themselves, only with the system.


    why on earth is there a DS? This controller is a portable system in itself.


    the controller will support rumble. Thank you, I love rumble/vibration


    That is probably the longest list of features I ever seen for a controller lol.


    Everything sounds pretty sweet, but I'm sad that they haven't included any form of a HDD. I love open world RPG's, and I was hoping Nintendo would move back in this direction as it has a very long history of RPGs. Maybe they will allow an expansion unit like the PS2 did for FFXI. One that developer's actually design for...


    @ MonkeyFodder95 They're building a Zelda's 25th Anniversary Edition Optimus Prime.


    though i have no interest in buying this, at least nintendo has betters ideas about how to use their hardware


    Damn! How much are those controllers gonna cost??? Couldn't they think of that BEFORE doing the 3DS so you could use the 3DS as an alternative controller? DAMN!


    Wii U huh??, .... so imma guessing that soon the GamePyramid will be coming out too.


    3rd party developers know they can make BIG money off this system. They better go get that money.




    okay, I admit, I had my doubts, but this sounds really awesome. Kind of a nod towards using the DS as controller in Pokemon Colluseum, and PS3's remote play. We'll see how/if other developers can use it, but it's definitely an in interesting and impressive offering from Nintendo.


    The way Nintendo keep revamping the Wii and DS, i think Nintendo is working on some big ass system and they just keep giving us pieces and pieces of it. Then again, i don't know.


    Man, it's too bad the conference was in the morning while I was at school, but with this video alone, Nintendo has impressed me