Wii U - Concept Video

Check out this concept video of the Wii U.

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Posted by halosqrrl

nintendo needs an abortion this deformed undesirable console needs to be taken out with a plunger and feed to hobos 0 -0 just saying (if super smash bros becomes a release game i take it all back)

Posted by Zazabar11

...why can't they just keep the gimmick to a peripheral and not the entire system? INSTEAD I CAN PLAY CHESS ON MY CONTROLLER OMG I CAN'T WAIT

Posted by CamusLuneburg

i love it Wii U XD

Posted by paulsifer42

To be honest, the original Wii interested me when I saw it, and now I hardly ever play it, because it just didn't work out very well for much more than bowling and Mario. This system impresses me less. I hope I'm wrong, and that it's awesome.

Posted by svdbygrce02

@theshonen8899 couldn't agree more everything else is pure gimmick

Posted by svdbygrce02

this is meh....

Posted by marcel1991

uh oh let me check myself

Posted by Arthest

Im sad that the Zelda game was only a tech demo, that was a good idea and then they tell us its fake. I would have gotten it just for that game.

Posted by Arthest

The graphics are good but how much is this going to cost because I could care less about a systme if its going to be $400 just saying Nintendo.



Posted by superxtreme101

Why did they post this now? @AmayaPapaya Absolutely right Okami would be perfect with this because now you can actually draw things using the stylus

Posted by AmayaPapaya

Okami Wii U would be awesome.

Posted by theshonen8899

Honestly, I love Nintendo but this video was retarded until it got to Zelda.

Posted by Sepewrath

It would be great if you could actually draw on it like that, that would be solid for an Okami or Mario Paint.

Posted by wooten9000

I hope it has some sort of updated classic controller with clickable joy sticks. I hated knifing with the x button on black ops, cause you couldn't aim and knife at the same time.

Posted by g1rldraco7

It gets better everytime I see it.

Posted by SloganYams

I hope you can save what you draw.

Posted by Kbs64

@peanut1229 Yea I agree, that's kind of late.

Posted by peanut1229

why is this just getting posted?