Why You Should Buy a Wii U in 2014

Think you can write off Nintendo's living room console in 2014? We provide evidence as to why you should buy a Wii U in 2014.

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If you dont like Nintendo rehashes of same old 20 years old games that to this day have no vocie overs or actual story, if you enjoy good hardware and want just the best, nintendo consoles are not for us.

I hope that Nintendo either dies a horrible death and stop making hardware, they have no reason to actually, well they can continue releasing their 3DS but they need to make games for other consoles and the PC, they will sell MUCH more and Nintendo fanboys will get good looking games or they abandon current gen consoles and one up Sony and Microsoft by releasing a brand new home and handheld console that will work with each other like the Vita and WiiU tablet does but with even more options and Home console with a better hardware spec then PS4 (of course it has to be 386 based like the other two, so it will be easy to make and port games to).

They can make 2 versions of the Home console, one regular for 299$ and one for 399$ but with full backwards compatibility


Why buy a Wii U? Because you've already got a 3ds and you want even more Nintendo games. That was a good enough reason for me.
If you're not into Nintendo games, or get your fill of Nintendo from the 3ds and it's pretty good library, then it might not be for you.

Current exclusives:

The Wonderful 101 is a really great and unique beat em up. 9/10

Zelda: Windwaker HD is now one of my favourite games of all time. 10/10 

Super Mario 3d World is a very good game with really fun local multiplayer. 8/10

I've not got Pikmin 3 yet so can't comment.

Nintendo Land: I had some fun with this in the first month of having a Wii U. Some of the games are surprisingly deep and good fun in multiplayer. You can pick it up cheap and it's fun to play with kids or adults. 7/10

Zombie U: You can get both retail copies and eshop versions very cheap. It's a true survival horror that in some ways takes me back to the likes of System Shock 2. That said, unlike System shock 2, I struggle to get into it. Perhaps it's a little too tense for my current tastes. I've got a feeling I would have liked it far more when I was younger. I'll reserve judgement till I've played it more.


Let's be honest, the sales will skyrocket when Mario Kart and Smash bros come out; it won't even matter that there's a 3ds smash bros this time because it just isn't the same as a proper console version.


Super Mario 3D World alone is worth the 300 dollar price tag.  Only one problem, though... it's not worth if you're not a Nintendo fan, which is STILL the problem Nintendo is having since the N64.  Their stubbornness to keep up with industry trends (hardware, Internet, etc) continues to make it hard for third parties to sell their wares.  So, for people who don't care for Nintendo 1st party games, the Wii U has nothing to offer, aside from maybe Bayonetta 2.