Video Game History Month: Saturday Supercade

Jump in GameSpot's way-back machine and take a look at some classic cartoons based on retro arcade games.

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Ryan McDonald and Ricardo named 4 of my favorites also. Spiderman and his amazing Friends (Firestar and Iceman), Dungeons and Dragons, and Thundarr the Barbarian, who was a complete badass! I also liked the first few seasons of Smurfs, which everyone watched in the early 80's. I hated all the video game cartoons except Pac-Man, which I would wake up for every Saturday morning at 7:00 AM with my bowl of Pac-Man cereal and have a blast. The Mario show with Lou Albano was a train wreck. I remember ragging on the rap song and dance they would do!

wornstar moderatorstaff

Oh man great piece! brings me way back to do nothing Saturdays and whole pot sized bowls of cereal!