U.N. Squadron Gameplay (SNES) - Megabit Highlights

"Dead and away is my style!"

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New games are exciting, but there are thousands of classics that most people have never played or even heard of. Peter delves into his ever-growing collection in search of underexposed and misunderstood games from the past.

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Thanks for bringing this devilspawn of an arcade bullet hell from the bowels of my childhood nightmares. I'm going to go cry now and find an emulator for this and relive my masochistic years of sadism and failure TTuTT

PS Bandits refers to the old saying of how rival fighter pilots like to steal each other's lunch. I think the game meant to say "Bogeys" which refers to pilots of mook crafts that like to make hero pilots miss their shots and get worse scores on the leaderboards. Might want to fact check that, but there you have it.