Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week - A Game of Thrones

Skyrim meets Westeros in this special episode of Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week. Robert Baratheon teams up with Benjen Stark to kill Lannisters, before adventuring with Tyrion and direwolf chum Shaggy Dog. Naturally it all ends in chickens.

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    Wait what? Season 3? I thought they finished airing all 4 seasons. Im like waiting for season 5 right now. Or Im missing something.


    Explosive chickens + Game of Thrones OST = Epic explosions.


    I Just wanted to say that those "Silly" looking helmets that were "Designed for the show" are in fact bassinets and they were not designed for the show, they were a real type of helmet used predominantly throughout the early middle ages.

    The kind the stark men wear are commonly called an open faced Bassinet, which basically means the face plate is not connected.

    Remember, the primary function of a helmet is to protect the head, not necessarily the face.


    i quess i can google this but i ask istead, how and why and is it possible too mod skyrim on xbox ? i was thinking it was on only on pc :S hmm this is kewl pls explain how to do it?


    @cornytheman All you need is a USB a PC and a few programs, like Modeo (Spelt wrong) and LuFluffy (Probably spelt wrong).

    You can copy your profile & all the corresponding save files onto the usb, then plug it into the PC, and use the programs to mod or hack away.

    Still think the best way to make a skyrim mod would be on PC, using the construction kit they provide.


    Spoiler re: Tyrion and crossbow! LOL, I can't wait for that scene on the show.


    from now on Lydia is a cannon game of thrones character XD


    03:13 .. I think that´s a sister, not a brother.. unless..


    yur holding that arakh backwards......or...where made to hold it is basically a khopesh anyway...


    I would love a thematically correct Skyrim-rip off based on Game of Thrones.