Tomb Raider - Tomb of the Unworthy

Catch a glimpse of the Tomb of the Unworthy, one of the optional challenge tombs Lara can solve to earn additional XP and rewards.

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    Good atmosphere~!!


    I'm taking my time going through this game. Went back to the village and the forest to find all the stuff. Which is not as easy as you may think. I hope they continue to make more as Lara gets better at her craft. I will probably play this more than once since it takes years for the next one.


    to be really honest i love to do the tombs too because they presents a challenge and as you guess it i really do love challenges and puzzles and riddles. this game was so far out awesome that i really do recommand it to people because if you dont have this game than you people are missing out.. sat, i have one question though. what is next in store for lara croft.. i asked that because i love all the tomb raider games and i hope that they make another one..... GREAT JOB, GUYS!!!