This Week in New Releases July 12 - July 23

It's a war on terror, war on drugs, and hand-to-hand combat with titles like Captain America: Super Soldier. Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues, and Mortal Kombat DLC.

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    Captain America looks alright, so does Call of Juarez. Must say though, I'm more looking forward to Catherine and El Shaddai.


    it's a shame that the combat in fallout new vegas feels so lame. if they ever make another fallout they should kinda ask the creators of brink if they could use their help for combat. it would make the game perfect if the creators of brink don't screw up. :D


    Cap America looks good. Hope it's not just the same set of moves you get to see in TPS..


    FINISH HIM! *Epic Canned Scream* ...Rain wins, Flawless Victory, Fatality


    some good stuff this week for sure.