The What If Machine - Crysis Nanosuit

This week The What If Machine sets its sights on the Crysis Nanosuit. Just how close can modern science bring to building this tank-in-a-tux?

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    Welcome to The What If Machine, where we explore just how close the wonder of modern science fact can bring us to gaming science fiction.

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    this would be real in real life


    The nano materials are already under development, i would say there are limitless possibilities for this technology. However making an armour with such capabilities require cutting edge technological advancement. So far we are just at the start of the race, we may see one like this in future but i guess it would be quicker than we think it would make out. But not in 20 years or so.


    I think it would take around 20 years until we can create a nano suit that will have all these features incorporated into it.


    I think technology has advanced significantly in the last 20 years. So my opinion is that in let's say 30 years or so a tehnology like this or at least smth similar will be already in production


    A Human life doesn't costs that much!!! If you apply that to just one soldier and that soldier dies on the batlefield it will be a significant economical damage.


    @Tasssha you give them the suit so that they DON'T die...


    well with all those logics and stuff. maybe will the nanosult will come in the year 3000 or so. but i want to see some perfect dark stuff, i wonder is it possible to do that in real life.