The Walking Dead: Episode 3 - Long Road Ahead Stats Trailer

Spoiler alert! The "Stats" trailer shows choices made by players and tracked by the game.

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    why the hell would he shoot a little boy! hes just a kid!


    WOOT the black guy FTW!


    Walking the dead is like wagging the dog. It's all about the tail not the dog.


    Am I right that nomatter who decides to shoot certain peron ( you or oher person), it does not carry any consequences or I am wrong?


    Come on lets just get on with episode 4.

    This 2 month wait is KILLING ME, and slowing making me lose interest!


    Can someone tell me if they will sell it on a DVD/Blueray as a complete game to play on consoles once all episodes are finished ?


    @layhoma2004 I saw a video where the developes said that after finishing final version ( it is fifth if I am correct), they will make a collection of all episodes on one disk.



    Many thanks! that is very nice to drop by for a heads up :)


    Such a damn good game! I love Telltale, they revived Sam & Max and then this!


    @psuedospike Hi there, friend! I remember you comenting previously on re4. I guess you are a true fan of zombie games, if so - that is good to know!


    that 8% of people that wanted to leave the child.... need to rethink their moral values..



    One's choices in a video game is no reliable indication of a person's real-life moral compass. If you think that it is, then you miss the point of video games as an escape from reality.


    @uncle_chinny I definitely agree! And you are right about real-life self positioning. I always try to be a good guy in games also I try to help people in real life. The most certain example of that approach is bioshock title - I have never killed any little ones only rescued them. It is impossible to kill a little child or even to think about it!


    Looks like I followed the crowd on all but the last one... :(


    @hagens09 Lol I followed the crowd on all of the choices. So much for like feeling like I'm a rebel. :/



    Lol, I'm the opposite. The last was one the only one, where you shoot Duck, was the only choice I made that was the same as the majority. Hold on... no, there was one more. I decided we should look for Clementine's parents. Other than that, though, it was all different. I'm mostly surprised with how many chose to take Lilly with them. I don't see how anyone would want that b**** with them after what she did. Then again, maybe it's because I chose to save Douge back in ep 1, and I really liked having him around. Still can't believe he's not going to be in it for the rest of the game.


    @Renoo27 @hagens09 lol your the only person i know that chose doug instead of carly besides myself, all my friends saved carly back in episode 1, but yeah i agree with you i left her behind as well, i couldent take her anymore,(spoiler) but i kinda felt bad about leaving her after i found out that ben was really giving the bandits supplies and she was right


    @JJB03 @Renoo27 @44montana97 @hagens09 I did restart the episode to try and save Carly. Too bad it just wasn't possible. I was so p***** when Lilly killed her that I also left her. She was unstable and her father had been on me a** since episode 1. I had simply had enough!


    @Renoo27 @44montana97 @hagens09 I'm guessing there is no way that previous actions of before Lilly shot either Doug or Carely could save either of them then, lol and i was thinking about restarting the whole episode to see if I could some how save Carly (in my case) from being shot from Lilly.


    @44montana97 @hagens09

    It's cool, I got what you meant. But yeah, when Ben revealed it really was him who was taking the supplies... I dunno, so much s*** had happened since I couldn't really care anymore. In retrospect, though, he still doesn't deserve to die for it. The way I see it, Lilly WAS still mentally unstable. It would have been too risky to keep her.


    Wat date is episode 4 oooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttt in october?????


    I hope game spot and the people who watch these "stats" know that the folks who finish these episodes, replay the game and choose the other choices that they normally wouldn't go with , expecting different outcomes but discovering only one. If they didnt the stats wouldnt be 45 - 55....... they would be 99 - 1.


    @deadbeliever I've actually decided to not replay them yet, I'm waiting to see my choices play out till the end, and then replay them all from the beginning. It's really hard to not replay through them again the minute I make a decision I regret though!


    @loonypalooza @deadbeliever Yeah I haven't replayed anything yet I feel like i'm cheating myself I did consider playing this particular episode again though just to try and save Carly from being shot from Lilly but I'm glad I didn't because it seems its not possible.


    I'm still kinda made that they forced Carly to die no matter what, I was gonna get me some of that. Still very excited for the next episode, I'm guessing it is being released at the same time as Season 3 of the TV Series?


    @Psycold ^SPOILER ALERT^ Carly isn't dead... AND "She'll Remember You Said That!"


    @Super_Tramp She got shot in the face no matter what you do, I think she's pretty dead.