The Sims Medieval Debut Trailer

What if we took The Sims back in time?

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    :o niceeeeeee cant wait for this one..


    At the end of the video when the boat leaves the harbor, I swear I heard the WoW Auction house bell. LOL!!!!!


    Interesting, now I'm gonna play neverwinter nights 2


    "They lived in a time when things were simpler yet more complex"


    OHHH! Damn!


    @nathan83_xp Maybe, perhaps it will sell 42, 42,000, or 420,000 copies. EA will be sweating so much at that idea that they will need towels handy.


    @Gelugon_baat: the Sims guide to the Galaxy, bet that would sell.


    cant wait to play that game ^_^


    How about another magic question: "What if they stop making more Sims games and expansions?" Magic answer: "Hurray!!"


    Is "SIMS" an abbreviation for simpletons? I used to think that it came from the word simulation....hmpf...silly me.


    @Demesan All of those wouldn't hit the ESRB E- or T-rating (or equivalent) that EA is targeting, would they? :P


    @Gelugon_baat Imagine: Sims 40.000 Jedi Sims Mass Effect Sims


    I'll receive thousands of thumbs down for this, but imho The Sims died after the first one. Everything looks just... "too happy". No I don't expect blood and murdering and stuff, but life isn't so dumb and stupid like this. It's such a shame, the day when sims 3 launched I was so pumped up to get it in my PC, but then... Smiles and childish behavior everywhere... I even tried those "stories" series, but even that couldn't bring me the same feeling that I had with the first one.


    What a great video.


    Uh oh. If the Sims team asked that question, they would have asked this too: "What if we take them FORWARD in time?" If this game works out, I would be expecting "The Future Sims".


    when the magic March of 2011 comes many good games will release in that month DA2 ,ME3 , Sims Medieval can't wait


    Looks interesting. I'll keep one eye open.


    Looks good.


    Now some thing my wife plays ill be able to enjoy..In my settings..Shame this couldnt be a expansion pack travel through time crap lol..Ah well a stand alone game with rpg settings in the sims world..Now ill have to argue who will play my pc my wife or myself hehe..Maybe will flip a coin maybe will have to play every two hours each..It will be interesting now )>.


    Since I own every Sim game out there I'm sure I'll be buying this one too. Looks good, though.


    Yes, just like Kastigador I am not entirely convinced about how well they can pull it off. Most games (like the Guild 2) have many difficulties in doing this but manage to pull it off enough to make an interesting game. My only thing is that they shouldn't hold anything back from the Sims 3. Everything that's in the Sims 3 gameplay (plus most expansions) should find its way into the Sims Medieval. Also, EA needs to focus on allowing players to have interesting and meaningful choices in both Kingdom and character development, freedom to play whatever way we want to play, and lots of customization in design of buildings and character. I hope they hit all marks and get it right!


    Interesting. Hopefully the gameplay works well. I'm not entirely convinced about how well they'll be able to pull off a hybrid of simulation/strategy/adventure/rpg genre's without one seriously feeling lacking. Still, they kept the same graphics engine, so hopefully they've seriously tweaked the underlying engine to pull this off. I like the spin on the Sims series though. Keeps the franchise "fresh".


    Walk in.See this. What do!??!?!