The Sims 3: Diesel Stuff Pack Official Trailer

Outfit your sims with the latest fashion trends from Diesel in The Sims 3: Diesel Stuff Pack.

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    I stopped playing Sims 3 because I just can not keep up with the "Sims".


    i get all of this stuff online for i dont mind the expansions lol


    So let me think this through.

    Some complete idiot will pay money so their little electronic dollies in this game can wear virtual Diesel clothes and advertise these fashions to said idiot as a target audience so that this idiot goes out and buys real Diesel clothing?

    The idiot is paying for his own target marketing.

    and yes I do mean that anyone who buys this is a giant horking idiot.


    I am still hoping for at least one mature extension for Sims...


    still waiting for Sims 3: Final Stuff Pack


    These Stuff addons should be free DLC, I will never buy these, these are money eaters and nothing else, there are better stuff on the internet for free anyway...


    still waiting for Sims 3: Stuff Stuff