The Simpsons: Hit & Run Official Trailer

The Simpsons are back and raising trouble in their latest episode to hit the gaming market.

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this game is better then some games coming out now.The world is a little small but there is 3. There is 7 levels with 7 parts in it. You can play as Homer Bart Lisa Marge and Apu. Homer and Bart have two levels. Each level you get a new car you can also buy some. There are some things that could of bin better like there is only like 5 cars on the road so if you block the road and all five are there no more will come but you can steal them. Each level has diffrent cars like a few are level 1 has a bus level 2 has taxi level 3 has a hatch back level 4 has garbge truck level 5 has an ambulance level 6 has armred van and level 7 has a halloween cars. Hit and run is a great game.