The Orange Box Team Fortress 2 Tournament TV - Uber Destruction

Watch a replay of our action-packed broadcast of the uberdestruction finals. Watch the Team Fortress 2 competitors show off their strengths in intense combat.

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    omg at the beginning chris almost knifed ryan!!


    Its amazing how bad these guys are! Can't even get a rocket jump over the roof of the bridge, and its stupid how one of the presenters is going on about the engie waiting YOUR SUPPOSED TO STAND NEAR YOUR SENTRY! and also how teams were just standing on the roof. If I was a sniper I would of gotten easy shots. Its sad how the presenters don't know what there on about and wheres the spy checks!


    which is better 1st person or third


    Team Fortress 2 would win in an all time greatest PC game competition... :D


    So what is up with all you snotty pc gamers just assuming that consoles are a joke? I'll have you know us console gamers are just as much of gamers as you snobs. 140 hours as engy really doesn't seem like that much to me, I have a bit over 202 hours as spy, and on WoW I know a few people with over 200 days(yes, days) logged. What can I say? Some people live in locations that limit their ability to hang out with friends irl. I do gotta agree the players didn't seem all that pro to me, and the announcer's seemed clueless. I actually think I have like 150 hours as engineer just because I join so many teams that need one to keep them from getting destroyed, and I hate the class. I do gotta admit alot of that time was spent browsing something on my pc and occasionally grabbing my control when a spy is sappin.


    did any one else notice in 30-45 he said"the SPY looks so fierce with the bat raised" but actually its a scout


    duh..... the demo melee is a bottle


    Hahahaha, this is AWFUL. The players aren't even very good. Worst of all though is the fact that the announcers have no idea what they're talking about. One of them even says they love playing as Demoman but he doesn't even know what the melee weapon is. How embarassing for them. Also, why would anyone be proud of spending 140 hours on a video game? I certainly wouldn't be telling everyone about it at least.


    lol ive played with niimo before... btw about 10 minutes into this vid, i wondered why im watching these dudes play and not playign myslef lol... good first 10 mins tho =D


    OMGSH 140 hours as engie?! LOL @ xbox360


    i regret seeing those costumes.


    LOL at the costumes.


    Wow the announcers have no idea whats going on. They are completely inept with team fprtress 2. Maybe when they did this it would have been smarter to have gotten more game intelligent people. They had NO idea what was going on.


    Ahahahahah and now after watching this I'm surprised the announces aren't even embarrassed... they don't know where to cap and they thought the walk into the respawn room was it. And they don't know what the bottle is for a demoman, I mean a wrench... hahahaha!


    Uh I also noticed all the failure of the weapon models :/


    Wow it's a shame this was on the 360 and not the PC. Some proper retarded moments happened that wouldn't if they were using a mouse :P


    I have over 400 hours of spy on the PC Team fortress 2. So 140 isn't that impressive. lol.




    they need 2 have have more tf2 tournaments


    Ryan the Heavy Brian the Engy and Chris the Spy Roflmao. But they do Look pretty good for last second


    This game is awesome but if u didn't here about TF2 before then u have to play it on pc coz its more fun


    Team Fortress 2 is one of the best FPSMultiplayer games ive played, sssooo fun!


    L30NID45 is LEONIDAS like in 300 how could they not know that -.-'


    2 fort....... great map.......classic team fortress .........


    i also have 140 hours as engineer


    this was awsome i own at team fortress


    I love team fortress 2


    lol gotta love watching people play fps with gamepads. they all look like they've never played before. newbs