The Night of the Rabbit Welcomes You to Mousewood

Follow Jerry Hazelnut as he is transported into a magical world of enchanted rabbits, talking hamsters, and portal trees in The Night of the Rabbit.

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    Iiiii dunno... I guess if I had one of the touch capable tablet things then I may consider something like this, seems perfectly suited for that interface. But for a pc game it looks a bit simplistic... like them flash games that play straight in the browser... decent fun for about 10minutes, of course being stuck in some sort of line(perhaps a plane delay or something like that) would really be the perfect situation for a game like this, nothing too attention grabbing and a simple way to kill off some hours. Or maybe it's just not my type of game...


    Looks cute. My only question is: who are they aiming at with this game? Adults who can appreciate the childlike approach of this game or actual children?


    @michyeosseo Both, I believe. Like Studio Ghibli Movies and The Wind in the Willows, which can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, aswell.


    Anyone else look at this kid's attire and think, "Captain Mal?"


    Oh God. Someone shut up this British accent.

    "I got the 'oins from 'ompleting the 'Ahbjections'. He enchunted my magic 'and"



    @MetalDogGear I think the British accent is a very nice touch. It is not too heavy. English is not my native language and I understand it perfectly.


    @MetalDogGear Oh God.Someone shut your American accent!

    I assume you ARE an American jerk. Just a guess.


    The art is very nice


    The art really is top notch.


    The narrator is really trying to sell it.


    -_- emotes how I feel about this game.


    looks great I cant wait to play the art


    Awesome. Need it.


    I feel like this would be great to have on my Galaxy for that long 30 minutes where I lay in bed before falling asleep at night.


    wow the game looks charming


    I saw malcom reynolds too!!!! well i'm in and i haven't even seen the video yet!


    Little Malcom Reynolds?


    So glad a point and click adventure is getting some attention here at Gamespot. This developer's previous games were rather excellent so I'm looking forward to this one.


    Wow, I didn't even know about this game. The setting looks charming, and it's good to hear that there are some challenging puzzles and good dialogue. This one goes straight on my watch list.