The Lord of the Rings: War in the North - Ruth Tomandl Interview

We catch up with the latest on War in the North including face-biting eagles, shield shoving, and a new fortress.

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Well, according to Ruth, I think I can sum up what the game is going to be, with just one word. Awesome. Yep, I think it works.


Game looks like it's gonna suck. Such a shame.. I love LOTR.


There hasn't been a good single player LOTR RPG, so let's hope this one will be good. I just hope they don't consolize the PC version.


This reminds me of Brink: trying something completely new and fresh, LOOKS awesome!! But pulled it off slightly inadequately, and the AI FAILED! But I'm still definitely excited. PS: Brink was still an extremely fun game.


the interview was not the greatest, but the gameplay and features that the game will have look COOL!!! i cant wait!!!!!!!!


The game looks as boring as this interview is.


looks good, im just hoping that the co-op and story will be great.


Have high hopes for this. Its cool you can play through when your finished cause it sucked in the witcher 2 that when I finished that was it, all my hard earned items gone


Wait, so can you swith between the three characters at any time in singleplayer or do you have to pick one? Otherwise looks GREAT!!!


she looks exciting, with passion for her work


Sounds like a whole lot of fun!


can't wait for this


Looks like it's shaping up to be really awesome. I'm excited for a sweet LOTR RPG.


I can dig it.


Although I didn't think it would be, War in the North is shaping up to be one of the games I'm most excited for this year. All I need to do is convince my friends to buy it.


This should be really fun for multiplayer(something that's been forgotten this gen in lieu of online), maybe we'll get a release date at E3.


I think this going to be a far better game then the previous Lord of the Rings game. In my view ofcourse.