The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - Into the Wild Trailer

Get ready to hunt vampires and monsters alike in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.

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    Kind of feels like a graphically enhanced version of Torchlight 2, which is pretty good.
    Shall see what the story holds, that would probably be the deciding factor for me.

    Beyond that seems like another game in the genre of Diablo-like games, definitely possible good fix for Witcher fans.


    Looks cool... if it has great gameplay, this might be a winner.


    When I saw inventory thought this is going to be mode for Diablo III. :) Looks really interesting and very similar to D3 what is irrelevant ( D3 is great game no matter what people say ). Awesome graphics btw.


    Super excited for this game. However, if they pull an always online bullshit with this one just like the epic fail game of 2012, they can count me out.


    still exited...


    Looks like Diablo/Dungeon Siege/Titan Quest style of gameplay... but any more depth than that? Also we got the new trailer, but no release date info in the trailer... Hmmm...