Tech Demo - Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Gameplay Video

Check out a tech demo video for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 showing up the CryEngine 3.

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    Nice game i cant wait :)


    @IceQBkid i agree the internal damage cam would be cool to be in this game but i still think this game will be awesome without it. @REALITYKINGZ you make a valid point :) looks like there will be super long range kills more in this one i hope, and I agree with everyone on the AI, i really hope they cant spot you from a mile away or some bs like that.


    City Interactive is hugely underrated company. They don't have as big budget as for example Infinity Ward or EA but they're still fascinating me. I liked the first game and I'm definitely looking forward for this one. Cheers.


    If this had the Internal Damage on-the-fly rendering like Sniper Elite V2 has it could've been a modern version of it but I think this will fail to the likes of SEV2


    Id this one doesnt have a.i like a smashed crab ill get it.


    I hope this isn't the first game just with a fresh coat of paint. The AI was TERRIBLE in the first game.


    This look pretty good, but I have to play the first game.


    not bad , let's just hope the AI won't be as moronic as in the first game.