Tales of Xillia - E3 2013 Combat Gameplay

E3 2013 Day 3 gameplay of Tales of Xillia.

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    Does this have Japanese voice overs? That constant repeating of the same to lines is really annoying....won't bother me if it's in Japanese.


    This RPG is probably the best game next to Xenoblade Chronicles this gen. Anyone who's looking for a great RPG to pick and play real time, this is it.


    Another RPG stand up~


    Wow. This looks pretty cool. I have never played a game like this with NextGen systems. I am a BIG Shining Force fan and this looks APPEALING! Is this RealTime?



    looks like a Infinite Undiscovery clone. same combat style same interface


    @Ranger-X Tales has been doing this stuff since 2003 and existing since the 90's. Your opinion is awfully pretentious.


    Do you even do something in combat or you just watch it happen for most part? o.O


    @sumljivc that only happens if you just play this on Automatic. If you go full manual is a hack n' slash.


    I need to find myself an undubbed version.


    clearly, sharing is caring


    I need to try it to make an actual opinion, but I really enjoyed the gameplay for Graces...


    That combat looks totally chaotic.


    In a way it seems the idea of making the game more realistic looking made the environments ugly.... hopefully I'm wrong


    Lol funny thing is I have 5 sitting behind me. Tales RPGs are great combat and even better stories. But they do take to long for these ports.


    Hope you have the option of choosing the jap voices. This is my nr2 to get list after FFXV. If they could jump over the damn eng voices and focus on the subs instead, we wouldnt have to wait 2 years for it to come to EU. I would even jump over the voices as long as i dont have to hear the english voices. Feels like the jap game companies hire anyone o do the eng voices n dont giva a fk how good it is.


    @Noctis1 first of all calling them that is derogatory if not racist. secondly giving you the damn option takes longer... gee whiz you like options dont you? you just sound like another whiny gamer wanting his own way.



    I didn't read Noctis' comment, but just saying.
    Sometimes the english voices are so without emotion and so annoying that you want to switch to japanese.
    The voice actors were terrible in Tales of Graces (IMO).


    @leviathanwing @Noctis1 You're taking it out of context. It's obvious that when he says "jap" that he's just abbreviating the word "Japanese". But you just want to argue and try to point stupid sht out just to show your superiority. I get it. Anyway, I agree with Noctis about having an Jap dubs/Eng sub option. English dubs are always 99.9% horrible.


    @daemon9 @leviathanwing @Noctis1 Only wiboos think English dubs are awful.... some games they are horrid like Arc Rise Fantasia....Batain Kaitos has pretty bad ones too... but Tales games have perfectly good voice actors aside from a couple characters that hardly matter.... in Japanese the bad ass character always has the same voice, and almost all the chicks sound the same.... who cares if there well acted when theres obviously a formula to what they want their characters to sound like... there is zero variety.... In Inuyasha Sesshomaru sounds almost the same as Naraku in the Japanese version.... there are tons of examples like that.... I'm not against Japanese voice acting when it's the only option I'll have no problem playing/watching something in Japanese but I find it ridiculous how people can be so obsessed with Japan that they think a freakin cartoon made there can't be voiced over just as good or better... ooohhh but I bet our cartoons sound better in Japanese huh? Denial... Denying games like Disgaia have great english voice acting is plain japanese pride... I take it show to show game to game.... sometimes one is better than the other but acting like Japanese voice acting is da bomb and always better is the biggest bull I've ever heard


    @NeojianX People who get offended over words DESERVE to get offended. Hopefully it will cause you so much sorrow that you will decide to kill yourself and stop breathing my air. The rest of your post makes no sense, so I cannot comment on any of it. I just hope the developers realize WHY we want jap dubs/eng subs- because the english voice overs are HORRIBLE and RUINS the experience. I would rather NOT hear anything and just read subtitles. I do not watch anime unless it's jap dubs/eng subs...so this will applied to jap rpgs, as well, and I will not be buying this game unless a version comes out with the option. As a parting request- get the stick out of your ass and quit crying over words. Getting offended by racial slurs is just as ignorant as those who use them out of hatred for whatever race it was aimed at.


    @daemon9 @leviathanwing @Noctis1

    JP or JPN is good enough. To use three letters and still get it wrong is ass. You are one also for trying to co-sign his obvious crap. You get a lot of games after NA and sometimes not at all. That is your real problem. You shouldn't buy games that don't come out in your region. I don't. Those JP only games just save me more money. Many are coming out now for Ipads and Android Tablets. Many for Free. Game Industries game is Over.


    I like how America is just now getting the first one when Japan already has the sequel.


    @Sora278 americans dont buy these games... might have something to do with it.


    @leviathanwing @Sora278

    Do you mean Americans? Your post is crap also. More real physical copy of game collectors in NA actually. Because money is no issssue. Ha ha ha ha! Games barely come out where you live to buy them in the first place. Oh and we make movies Box Office hit more than in EU. How much did Iron Man 3 and Superman: Man of Steel make in the first week in NA?

    Because Money is No Isssue. Ha haha ha! Get a job!


    @NeojianX You truly are an ignorant STUPID sack of sh*t, seriously. Please die.


    Nice. Although... Milla's voice is... don't know. The Japanese one was much better.