Super Start/Select - Witcher 2! Prey 2! Old Republic!

This week's show is 100 percent guaranteed* to make you a better Witcher, clue you in on Prey 2's launch delay, and speculate on the future of Star Wars: The Old Republic. (*Not a guarantee.)

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Bethesda?... i didn't even read that part... if that company is involved count me out.. i hope they do cancel the game.. it would be for everyone's best interest giving how glitch and bug heavy every game they've ever made has been... i hate to say it ..but i wish Bethesda went under.. we don't need a company that puts out shoddy games that could have used a extra year of quality control to test for bugs and crashes...something Bethesda doesn't understand the concept of. It's a waste of money on the part of the consumer.