Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Gamescom 2011 Interview

We caught up with coproducers Tatsuya Kitabayashi and Kenji Kataoka about the latest on Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor at Gamescom 2011.

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    As a player of the first two Steel Battalion games, I am greatly looking forward to this; particularly since it's set quite a while before the first two games it gives an interesting look at the beginnings to VT combat. However, I am particularly NOT fond of the Sherman tank style of the american VTs, I always imagined they'd look like something from Lycoming Defense System or WM. Infact I pray day and night for a Jarralaccs Macabre or Garpike cameo. And for those who have no clue what I'm talking about check out for just about ANYTHING you'd ever want to know about VTs and the Steel Battalion games.


    I've been waiting for them to make another one of these. I could never afford the first one with that huge controller.


    This has a lot of potential. As I told people, not every game needs to be just kinect. Many time I said they'd figure out how to use the kinect with a game pad. That you could do even more with the kinect + Gamepad combo.