State of Decay Starter - It's Not What You Think

Are you running around with abandon slashing zed? Then you're doing it wrong!

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    I really like this game as is but I would like to see it a AAA game. I would change the way you search for items, make it less arcade and more like Fall Out/ Skyrim where there is individual items. Add stat bars like Hunger, Thirst, Sleep, Damage on individual limbs, Fuel for vehicles. More in-depth upgrading/fortifying on vehicles (being able to weld bars to grill of car) and houses/bases. Add some true dialog response options. So in a Nut Shell a bad ass RPG zombie survival game!!!! Then I would be in heaven!!! Ohh and change the fighting mechanics of course, less Arcade like and more real like!!


    Rockstar please take note and give us something like this. I love how you drive around without music and noise just like real life. You hear the vehicle and outside noise as if the world is dead. Gives you that creepy feeling. Rescuing survivors trapped in homes is top notch. Finding material to fortify your base would be cool.


    PC, Now!


    Needs more polish. If a major developer were to take a hold of this game, it could be something special. Especially if you worked with others online to survive


    @cursealoud hell no, Not going to work for a sim based game that relies on coop or online experience. Some idiot might just jump-in to your area raid all your supplies and trash all your cars just to road kill several zombies. If you play the new sim city with strangers you know the experience.

    All it needs are more singleplayer experience and for once add a party system like dragons dogma.


    I think Undead Labs has done an oustanding job on their 1st title! They have paid so much careful attention to all the right details that make State of Decay one of the best open world games out there let alone zombie open world games! Well done to them, wish them loads of success with this new game! I have downloaded and can't get enough hours since! Yes, there are quirks - very small and very forgivable quirks but as a first release and as a game development in general, it's superb and for me it's an instant classic already!


    Big Studios wanna make movies, Indie Studios make games!

    I believe any other major game developer like Rockstar, Ubisoft, EA, Capcom, Konami etc. will not be able to create a game like this without putting in an incessant amount of cutscenes/cgi movies that will surely break the flow and immersiveness!


    the game is awsome,and god yes i wish rockstar would have made this,a game like this needs,seeing people turning into zombie's animals,more veichles,more items and so much more.the one thing i hate is having to run your backpack back to base,but you can put all your stuff in base or outpost,you cant unload your backpack full of material in outpost.and i think co op would be way to easy unless they added more zombie's in dlc cause when i'm with a a.i survivor the two of us always kickass and with two good players easy as this game so much though,i hope more console survival games come out.


    @turnerdoc Also youd think it would be pretty easy for them. Could have used GTA4 and just done a good mod.


    After playing for a while, when I asked for locations of ammo/materials etc. they stopped showing on the map even after Lily sent me the coordinates. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a bug?

    Now I have no idea where to get ammo since the gun shop has run out.


    @Munstable Ammo is the most scarce resource in the game.

    as for the coordinates, the are not bugged. Try pointing on the "magnified glass" in the map. You will notice a few "green" markers that appear. Those are the place"s" that require you to search. Chances of finding ammo caches are few or none.


    Wait, did he say you can assign people to outposts? How?


    @crunchb3rry no you cant assign people to outposts. Outpost increase the chance of survival for your runners that are on missions and it will also decrease zombie respawn at that location. Its best to deploy as much outpost at key location as possible, from my experience.



    I was thinking the same thing. Wish they would have elaborated. That aside, SoD is an awesome game for just $20. Now imagine if Rockstar had done a stand alone zombie game...(crosses fingers...and RDR doesn't count)


    having a great time with this game!The game only needs coop!2O.OO bucks you can;t go wrong.


    I have to say this is one the best zombie games out there right now. It is a massive combo of hack and slash as well as hard decisions. However there are many not only frame rate problems, but wall glitch's as well. Whenever you are driving the already low frame rate goes through the floor. To where you will be driving, the game stops for two seconds and then you are suddenly twenty feet ahead. This in many cases have been near-death experiences for my character. All those aside though, the game is AMAZING!!! Personally I don't really mind the bugs, except for the ones that nearly get you killed. It is a very ambitious game with so much to add onto. I also really hope they come out with a multiplayer like the developers said. I think it would be a great add-on to the already great experience. Bottom line: Undead labs did a great job and I hope that they release new info on the multiplayer soon!!!!


    An MMO style zombie genre would be very good. But I think SoD is only a tester for Undeadlabs. I think they will release a multiplayer expansion such as co-op if it gets approved. Any MMO's may only be made in years to come.


    @valent1n ...worst comment ever?


    why why why does this have to be xbox exclusive :( lol



    I'm feeling the same way about Last of Us. The bane of exclusivity.


    @valent1n Not a review


    @patiotom @valent1n don't worry Valen1n, i'm pretty sure your comment will be used on Feedbackula when it becomes available :D


    Please stop making me watch 30 seconds of Adverts GS!!!! Every bloody Vid!!


    @patiotom sounds like you need an advert blocker :/. I used to have the same problem with Youtube when adverts before, during and after you watch things tend to spoil what your watching or takes forever to get to the thing you want to watch. Since i got addblockers for every web browser i use, its made browsing the web and watching things extremely enjoyable :D


    @Mickeyminime @patiotom Try to watch a few vids and just keep getting the same advert over and over, then you have to watch all 30 seconds. At least with You Tube you can skip after 3 seconds!


    @Iamshmee @patiotom @Mickeyminime yeh i use google chrome i think it comes with an adblocker you just turn it on in the settings i never have a problem with ads on any of the sites i visit.


    @patiotom My advice on all platforms, never use their native browser. Safari and IE suck. I use Chrome on my Imac and it works great for everything I need, the only thing it seems to have beef with is Silverlight which might just be all browsers on Mac since it's a Microsoft Product.
    @Mickeyminime if you enjoy Gamespot, and had a spot of patience you wouldn't be using ad blockers because that's one of the major ways they make money! :P


    @patiotom @Mickeyminime by the looks of it, there might not be any. I don't know if its because i don't have an apple computer or if its because none have officially been made. My best bet is that you download another browser if your apple computer allows it. There was one i came across, however, you have to pay for it and i wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't work :/


    @patiotom @Mickeyminime i downloaded Safari and i see your problem with that 30second advert lol, i'm downloading this adbloacker so if all goes well, when i go back on it again, the advert should go away, if it works, i'll let you know


    @patiotom @Mickeyminime i will see if this Safari can be downloaded on a normal computer and if it can, i will see if it has a addblocker. Again, my firefox has no adverts be it video or other things, even those that don't play. I don't know if all add blockers are reliable but i've been using this firefox one since i can remember and i've never had to worry about adverts ruining everything, specially on youtube


    @patiotom @Mickeyminime what web browser are you using, i'm using Firefox at the moment. I'll see what this Macbook is, sounds like an Apple product


    @patiotom @Mickeyminime i don't get any adverts from any videos anymore be it Gamespot, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, MSN, pretty much everything. Its all been blocked on my end. So the 3second youtube skip never appears, it goes right in to the video. Even the adverts playing outside of youtube now and again while your watching a video are blocked. I watch youtube a lot so the adverts during every video and outside the video became very very very x100 annoying. When i was watching this video, it goes straight in to it. I can't remember the time i ever had adverts from this site. So by the sounds of it, you def need it


    I really, really enjoy this game. However, its very glitchy and those bugs can often turn into game breakers that make this clearly great game a much worse experience. For instance, the 'zombie infestations' are not quite right, the game should detect any infestation activity around 500m away from home base. Instead the game detects ALL infestations and this can cause some major issues; Such as. A rapidly decreasing morale, this will affect all members of your group, causing them to go missing on several occasions and once you have safely returned them to your base they will simply go missing again, if you cannot play any of the characters nothing can get done, long story short. GAME OVER. On the bright side though, there is an update coming very soon! This Thursday to be precise. I hope you're all aware of this game breaker and that help IS on the way! Just be patient.


    I love how this game is 10x more fun than any other "blockbuster" zombie game this gen. Devs need to get some f*cking vision, us gamers thought of this TEN YEARS AGO. Pathetic.


    @GOGOGOGURT The difference is most devs are just cattle for a publisher, to the point where there really are no "developers," just people doing whatever the hell the publisher demands of them. Telling them to put in unnecessary multiplayer, DLC and whatnot, because it's part of the fine print on the contract. Undead Labs seemed to strangely have free reign, the game was their idea from the start, not just a "project" handed to them, so they put their hearts into it and had some amazing community interaction on their forum. Unlike Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, which (despite me actually enjoying that game) was a total slop job which, if it had more (like LOT more) polish, the mechanics of this game, and the locales from the show to pad out the license expectations, could have been top tier game easily. This game should be an example of why it's better for publishers in the end to just step back and let the developers do their thing without any interference.


    Need to bring this to Steam or PC in some other way.... because there's no way in hell I'm buying an X360 only to have it go obsolete in a few months and be replaced by the XOneRipoff.

    ...but I'd buy and play this game, just not for 300+ dollars.



    How is Xbox One a rip-off considering the money you willingly dump into a PC just to play games? Your logic wigs me out...


    Glad to hear this game is getting the success it deserves selling a quarter of a million copies in two days of release wow, now support and update this game loads Undead Labs and please bring in the option to turn off time passing while not playing i don't like being penalised for having to go to work being there is penalisation enough thanks.


    @GOGOGOGURT @Acekidder I actually haven't stopped playing it long enough to notice any penalty, lol. But yeah, some day I will have to take a long enough break and it would suck to come back and find out they ate all the supplies or something like that.


    hopefully they bring this game to psn, as my xbox is nothing more than a pretty paperweight



    You don't really own a 360 do you? You just want to play the part of the butthurt fanboy.


    @Gravity_Slave @MadMike2869 no i aint butthurt, my wallet hurts from a $300 xbox that wont work, its called a system failure, so after 3 systems that have failed i will stay with pc and ps.


    @MadMike2869 Not a chance it was built with microsoft backing and funding.


    GS as usual..last one Review The Game.


    Isn't that the random encounter theme in the background?


    I have been watching every video of this game and as a big fan of dayz i thought this was finally the game i had been waiting for.. I honestly thought there were different factions ran by other players in online mutltiplayer.. But the fact that there is no MP really kind of made me mad.. The wait continues


    @spindie I felt really mislead after I started playing the game. I really thought I would be one customized character with other "human" players around me surviving in a community.


    So last night, I was speeding down a country road to help out an ally in trouble. I ran into three hordes all right on top of each other, swerved to avoid a car in the road, rolled my car in a ditch and had all three hordes on my ass with only a bottle of painkillers and a single blunt weapon in my inventory. It was night. My stamina and health were already a bit drained from scavenging. In any other game, you'd whip out your overpowered weapon and mow down the pursuing zombies. In State of Decay, you run. There's no respawn. No do-overs. Get in over your head like I did and you die.

    State of Decay has framerate issues, choppy animations, it's buggy, and sometimes repetitive. BUT I can't stop playing. Sad that none of the so-called AAA developers had the vision to make this game. They were probably too busy making sequels.


    @Kingjames11 Sounds like life on a DayZ server, if you take away the vehicle, the weapon and add in human PC raiders that are trying to shoot you at the same time. Gotta hide and crawl into those woods!


    @Kingjames11 Yep. I'm about fifteen hours in, have lost people and they died badly. They went down fighting; simple things turned to s*** in an instant and running was no option. I let them down by taking the situations for granted.

    On a brighter and more hilarious note, I lured a few hordes into an army squad guarding a house, and MAN, do those guys NOT put up with any zombie crap! I spent twenty minutes baiting hordes, running off to the side and laughing at beat down after beat down. Two "free" de-infestations resulted.

    Great, great game.


    the story is not great at all that's the only let down with this game.


    @tatu2004 It's kind of why I like this game, the narrative is essentially written by you and your action or lack thereof. Each time you venture out can be that characters last.


    @tatu2004 The story is to stay a fucking live!!! dude its a zombie apocalypse.. Good luck finding a zombie apocalypse game where romeo climbs up 15 ft of lavish blonde hair


    @tatu2004 who needs a story? :P well if u own a ps3 there will be story in last of us :D


    PC Version please


    purchased it last night, calling in today to continue playing it. didnt know about the perma death until one of the chicks i was playing as got ripped in half...


    Ok, looks like everybody agrees dat this is a fun game, but i thought it would release for PC also? Can somebody tell me were and when?



    They might not release any of the new games for pc. havent you heard the latest news? microsoft has decided to differentiate the new xbox one gaming from pc gaming. they want us all to buy the new xbox , even the guys who already have uber pc's. Its makes me sick really, that after spending 1000's on a gaming pc we still have to buy the xbox one to play the new games. Microsoft is so greedy.



    ... Just when i thought the bad news about microsoft was behind me. Thanks for the update


    Holy beep! Where has this game been hiding?

    Need to go delete stuff...


    @PrpleTrtleBuBum Just been thinking the same thing - hadn't heard of this at all - now seen the video and I want it! :)


    Yeah, I think ill just buy The Last of Us instead.


    @Prats1993 two different games and state of decay is only 20 bucks and worth it


    @Prats1993 I like The Last of Us but this is a fairly different game bro


    New favorite zombie game. This is the closest you can get to The Walking Dead show.

    Not to mention it only costs $20. I would of paid $60 and been satisfied.


    @stanknuggetz12 Im sorry but the closest thing you will get to the walking dead (besides telltales WD game) is the Last of Us, not this buggy crap.


    Really impressed with this one. This is what The Walking Dead game should have been like, where the focus is on group survival.


    oh this game isnt multiplayer? fuckkk that


    @spindie they really wants to add coop if its possible


    Still waiting for the PC version , Microsoft , still waiting .


    cute game


    Still better than Day Z.


    @Mr_BillGates At first I was like "Huh?" Then I saw the name of the poster and I was like, "oh, nevermind, just a troll."


    10/10 for an arcade game, I highly recommend it. At first you will be like, omg what is with the shit animations, but once u get into the church you care about everyone in your small community you actually fear losing anyone important, and then there's trying to stay alive and that on it's own is worth the buy. The game isn't about killing as many zombies as u can it's about staying alive, making sure everyone is safe, looking for resources, boarding up the windows to help keep the infected out, honestly it's amazing if u have been waiting for an amazing zombie survival experience, this is it. :D


    @jayjay444 the animations are not that bad but the framerate issues arent that funny....


    @jayjay444 all of the people in my community died from disease lol


    So they try to make it realistic with perma death but also make it super unrealistic by having infinite zombie respawns. There can only be so many zombies in any given area, and once you've killed that would be it. It would be fairly straightforward to rid an area of a zombie infestation for this reason.


    @CommodoreRaslin If there was no zombies there would be no point playing the game that's why they respawn.


    Bought the game the night it came out. Played for one hour and got bored because it was overwhelming to learn, and the animations and pop ins weren't attractive.

    Started fresh the next night, took my time and learned the system and got super immersed and then the game became brilliant, and scary as hell during the night cycles.

    I hope Dead Rising 3's open city world plays like this!


    That's literally exactly how it went for me too. Brilliant game once you get into it.


    This really is a great game, its hard to believe you can play games of this quality for under 60$ let alone 20$....I cant wait to see what Undead Labs does in the future.


    unbelieveably fun game


    and now i regret selling my xbox, this looks great


    @presidentperez Agreed -- this is the first MS exclusive in ages that has had me thinking "Man, I wish this was on PS3." I just might have to pick up the PC version when it inevitably appears.


    i hope there's a pc version.


    urgh dubstep...


    I have the trial and it has a 30 minute trial.
    Somehow, Without going to the church, I'm still playing it.
    I spent 2 hours on it already. :3
    Game is awesome but requires a Patch.
    Lag only :)
    The rest of it: AWESOME



    There isn't really any lag in the full game, but there is an issue that everytime you are done playing and turn off the game and the Xbox360 everything still continues in the game and usually it's worse then you left it. This is something that should be fixed in an upcoming patch. I hope.


    I am not normally into zombie games but this looks brilliant. If only it was a multiplayer because I have many friends who would love this and the concept suits a multiplayer game.


    This game is awesome, one of the best zombie games I've played and i'm a guy who getting sick of all the zombie games. This is the zombie game I've been waiting for.


    This game sounds really fun ,Can't wait!!


    PC version please.


    Damn, only $20!? And just for XBOX 360?! Damn it!!!