Start/Select - Wii U, ZombiU, Grand Theft LEGO, Pikmin Returns

On today's show, Guy and Jane take a look at the big Wii U announcements from Nintendo's E3 presentation. Zombies have taken over London, LEGO goes undercover, Scribblenauts takes its first HD outing, and Pikmin returns.

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    holy crap Scribblenauts looks great so does Zombi U and everything else


    god I love that women :D


    Needs more Smash Bros.


    Start/Select is a great show, and I'm fan of Jane... get on the line! Ok, I'll get on line.


    People are having fun playing Scribblenauts, I must buy it!

    But seriously, although I won't be buying a WiiU, it looks very innovative. I really liked some of the ideas, but only time will tell if that remote will be a game changer or if it is just a gimmick.


    I'm a serious gamer and found Lego City to be far more exciting than the whole MC conference, problem ?


    Wii U looks again like a kids console who cannot be taken serious by gamers.

    Yes it has really cool tittles but that's only a hand full of games.


    @slycatch It's still in an early stage, and only a few publishers are taking a risk in developing games for the Wii U. A few more month and we'll probably get news of new games for it.


    Auto mutt lmao!


    Looking forward to ZombiU , Arkham city