Start/Select: Killzone 2, 2009 Preview

In this episode of Start/Select, we talk to the composer of Killzone 2 and discuss the games, trends, and potential downfalls of the games world in 2009.

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    Why on Earth is this KillZone 2 Video doing on the Xbox 360 Section of GameSpot? Why isn't on the PlayStation 3 Section instead?


    i meant different people have different paces of play.


    That's a good theory but different paces of play. The reason they have multiple levels of difficulty is for people to repeat the game to challenge themselves.


    I believe the recession, and gaming content are both a factor in game sales today. People are still going to spend money on entertainment, but are going to be more stingy about it, wanting more for their money. So games of late are going to be under more scrutiny as far as content. Personally I feel that the two games I've bought in the last year that were really worth more than I paid was Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3, not just because of the type of game they are, but for how long you can play them (I'm sure there are other games with 20+ hours of gameplay that I"m not mentioning). But at any rate, people will still buy games, but they will be a bit more reserved and will keep a close eye on what kind of game it is, how much content, and ultimately its worth. My advice to the gaming industry would be to continue to make games that people want to play, but to make them extended games, at least 20 hours or more to make people feel they are getting their moneys worth.


    If you say a lie often enough........ It is always said of the fact that Dead Space did not sell well, that is what because it was an original ISP. Well,given that Mirror's Edge also failed, how about my idea of why these two titles failed? They were under 10 hours of gameplay each! I don't think gamers are willing to pay $50-60 for sub 15 hour gameplay games. As to multiplayer adding 'content' to these 7 hour games we see more of, what about the 50% of gamers that don't play online? Could that be the reason games that rely on multiplayer sell so few? Add together sequels and 7-10 hour games, and you're going to see less and less sales for titles. Of course, the media and industry will say it's the recession, but you don't see the book, TV or movie entertainment industries playing it safe, because they know , in a recession, people spend more time wanting to be 'entertained', hence more books are sold, more cinema visited are made, and more hours are spent watching TV! If gaming isn't part of that, it will only have itself to blame.


    Actually, i'm a rabid fan of final fantasy series (enough color to give you seizures :P) as well as most other types of games save for sports. I mean, atm im hooked on SF4 atm and that's because, like you said, it's pure fun instead of being anything realistic. i guess my point is that KZ2 was meant to be as realistic and dreary as possible because that's what developers really wanted to this game to be. GTA4 had that 'realism' and i do agree that it actually depressed me sometimes. but i mean, cmon, realistic looking games can be fun as hell too. and im sorry you live in a less colorful environment. T_T


    Anyway, I'm playing it tomorrow...heheh cause I'm dutch (Developers are located in Amsterdam)


    nikankwon..Don't know about you, but the environment I live in doesn't look colorful at all...also, I know it can really be a matter of personal taste (although I doubt you've played lots of colorful games) but I'm really just stating this for every game, not just kz2..they wanna go with immersion...that's what they always say...they wanna make it look realistic nowadays..even just about the worst example: compare GTA III's look with that of GTA can see it...they just make everything look gritty...that's not fun...just like film grain...I think that, for that part, Saints Row went the better wanna have you say...not feel like shat and having to pick up everybody and drive them and watch TV cause you're bloody bored..that's not what I want...I want to be entertained.. I just thought more people would think that way...and I didn't post here JUST because of's just an example that reminded me of it..


    why NOT make it gritty? our life is colorful enough already. i need some blood boiling in my veins. i wanna kill some space nazis. i want to be a hero and be part of an elite squad in a desolate planet where anything goes. i dont want to see rainbows in the horizon while helghast are out for my ass. i wanna see some lightning storms and blood of my comrades and enemies splattering all over the place. it's a great life don't you think? besides, halo series has the 'colorful' perception in term of environments already, so if kz2 did such a thing all xbots would be up on kz's ass about that too. get real. our life is meaningful. let's go kill some ppl in a virtual world. just dont go wild like ted bundy. that crazy bastard.


    lol I'm just having a laugh while making a good point in the process:P "spiritkill"..I was going to say your name is stupid (as so many here) but then I got a look at my own name (registered by my friend's 8 year old kid..) and fyi my X360 is less used than my PS3, and MUCH less than my wonderful pc.. also, I certainly like killzone 2, and this is NOT a trailer, unperceptive nelly..I'm just stating that everyone wants to make everything look realistic by making it "gritty"


    5 MORE DAYS!


    if u dont like it then dont watch the trailers. stop trolling. go play xbox


    copkill SHUT UP


    they wanna make everything look 'realistic' nowadays..and almost every one of those nellies in gaming business seems to think you do that by adding shat and dirt to every bloody texture..whatever you call realistic..there'll still be people who clean up behind their arses and go to the toilet instead of taking their diarrhea suffering selves (frequently caused by DIRTY water) to spray the walls with their steaming dump.. does dirt make them feel better, I ask you? I bet they never take a shower those developers... I like my games clean and colorful, I tell you (and when I say colorful, I don't mean childish MEDIA MOLECULE...NINTENDO...) I actually wanna look at scenery, in a nice atmostphere...not drowning in POO..what also seems to be kind of a trend, is this "film grain" effect, which makes you feel like your character has been cleaning his sunglasses with used toilet paper...oh well..


    Sony... Always pushing the gaming world forward


    No its an official game for the ps3


    will it come out for xbox 360?




    only 9 more days


    LOL, did anyone else notice under Drew Stearne's name for his job title was "DOUCHE" i get a prize for spotting that? LOL


    27 feb is coming


    Wow I want to play killzone 2 even more now, I didn't think that was possible.


    that dude looks like Darth Vader when he takes his hat off...


    god of war III.....:)


    NOT BAD!!


    omg the start is so so so boring


    fps-dominat0r didnt ppl think 2007 and 2008 had ps3 written all over it?? never rule out the unexpected


    wtf... snowplow--games? Dont get the link there :/


    war music on killzone2, cool but im not sure whether alot of sequeles is a good thing or a bad thing.


    "not too many sequels" he working on the "sequel" to Killzone


    im suprised no-one mentioned gran turismo. is it coming out this year???? either way, 2009 has PS3 written all over it. GOTY HAS to be either killzone 2, god of war and gran turismo and maybe COD modern warfare 2, if it offers more from the current version, and isnt just a graphics update with an adition of a couple of weapons and perks. and hope it has like 32 players and proper clans like killzone.


    Any video game based on a movie or movie based on a video game will suck, this is true.


    This was a good episode


    Hey guys, just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed seeing and hearing more of the UK team so far '09 with the weekly start selects and podcasts. The little things like putting up the show notes for the podcast are a nice touch too, keep up the good work.


    I'd love to see a GOOD zombie game, Left 4 Dead was pretty good but the could work on the graphics and character animations, Resident Evil 5 is also good but not what i was really looking for


    Spoons Hero and Ukulele Hero FTW!


    Im glad that there are good games coming out so early I hope this is a stronger year than last year. I really look forward to building my collection even more.


    Good show! However, really really... mobile games? Which are most of the time just ports of previously existing games? I have no hope for fun in these.


    I never thought that feb would be the first month to start my 2009 game line-up SFVI 1st and Killzone2 2nd :-D


    just great :D


    woooow i want killzone 2.... but so bad, i don't have psp3. fck with the Exclusives


    @snyguy It won't be number one but it will be amazing




    paste and copy if you think this game is #1!