Start/Select - GDC Kicks Off Plus Wii U Patent News

Jane and Guy round up GDC day one, while Johnny looks at some new details emerging about the Wii U.

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    @DKant, Ubisoft showed a game called Mutants from Outer Space or something and it looks like a PS2 game.


    With everything they're cramming into the WiiU, it really seems like we are years away from software that will actually work on the system, and bridge the gap between system and the horrid controller/smaller-system/mashup seamlessly. The concept videos looked great, with the catching demo and all, but how much of that is actual working software? Will the tab-troller also double up as a tablet for real if my console is not nearby. Are they targeting the iPad in some way through that? Why the heck does it even exist? It's all VERY confusing. They better show a full-fledged real game on that soon enough.


    @da_chub actually wii u probably will be more powerful than PS4 since sony prez since ps4 wont be much more powerful than ps3 because they want it cheap to cater to women and kids. Ps4 is the wii of next gen btw nothing wrong with wii wiiU is moct veriatsle nextbox for grapich wh88res


    Why didn't Guy went to the Dance Central demo?=P


    I would stay away from German sausage or this "Kolsch". There are 2 nice Irish Pubs in Cologne, btw - play it safe, guys.


    OMG everyone trashes on nintendo but no matter how much killzone and uncharted i play, ill be getting skyward sword day 1. and the wii u is going to be an awesome system(day 1 purchase for me), even if(which i suspect) is it wont be as powerful as a PS4 will be.


    that guy can't take the eyes of her


    anyone else tired of us army propaganda??? :>


    Journey looks promising, can't wait for that one to come out. Thatgamecompany's marketing manipulation technique (and the company's name) are among the most creative ever! Yes Guy and jane, you were used, DEAL WITH IT! XD


    Finally a girl that I agree with the commenter's about, Jane is indeed pretty cute.


    Wow a girl who loves video games and who is very cute, now that's rare.


    I love you Jane!!!


    we learned nothing...*sigh* i thought we might have potentially learned something new about the Wii U :/


    so cute jane, SO cute!


    we already new all of that


    Looking hot Jane.