Starbound Early Access Video Review

Starbound is still in its early days, but the beta is a promising new adventure spanning a really, really big universe.

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This is a fun game if you can handle dying a lot. I know I sure did but I had a blast doing it.


It is quite massive and there are cool things to find, like buildings, or towns like the one shown in the video, which I have yet to encounter.

However, the natural elements, the planets and wildlife, are quite similar.  Different planets have different resources and different artwork, but many of the blocks are just colour variations and the wildlife variants draw from only a small set of behaviours, movement styles, attacks and defenses, etc.  So far finding those pre-existing buildings has the been the more exciting part for me, while digging down into the planets has been a bit boring, but has yielded a few interesting things like special items or upgrades.

It is certainly fair and accurate to say that it's very similar to Terraria.  It's kind of like Terraria just with a lot of new content, and of course a space age setting that includes high tech stuff.

Overall it's a good game and fun, and there's still lots of stuff coming.  They recently stated that they will soon reach a point where wipes will no longer be needed, which is good.  There are bugs of course, which can be quite annoying, such as losing the ship's storage locker and everything that was in it.