Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Sizzle Trailer

What if the dark side won?

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i will not date Daykota ever agan


is this dlc for the original tfu b/c of it not.........that stinks.......ujst like lost planet colonies add ons not being dlc for orginial i hope it's dlc....someone lemme know





I might get it some time in 2010, if it still sells.


At first I thought this DLC was gonna be a piece of crap. But now that I see this, I am so getting it. Well if it still sells sometime in 2010, then ill get it.


man l love this game l even finished it 4 times


Um this is to paystation, re-read what it says on wiki about battlefront 3. Its been dropped and its development is up in the air.


Adios luke...


FINALLY! A chance to beat the sh!t out of Luke...


i wish they had xbox live in south africa so then i could download this


it looks good but i guess because of the kids loving and playing the saga it misses the gore and blood...


Wow, the guy who does the emperors voice over does a atrocious job, its like they pulled some chump off the street and paid him with shiny metals to voice this.


A lot of trophies, not dlc's by the way


This is going to be available in disc form for sure and probably dlc form. It is mearly a three level add on to the evil ending in which after the fairly cliff hangar like ending in the original that shows you being finished up on an operating after having a ship blown up in your face you go around effing with Star Wars lore, this is a purely what would happen if? add on. It looks incredibly fun and interesting and I hope there's a lot of dialouge. What I'm hoping for the most though is a brand new very polished version of the old version with much fewer hiccups and three more levels to extend that bad @$$ feeling. By the way, PS3 people, next time you play the game, that update is for TROPHY SUPPPORT!!! Yup that's right, sadly to get the platinum you have to buy all the dlc's. But there are a LOT of them.


@Benzo396 You can start the game over with all purchased upgrades, That's the only way I play now, I mean even on sith master you feel like the strongest thing in the world.


that is a awesome costume


woah...very unexpected surprise....this definently looks interesting....gotta keep my eye on this one


this is a bad game


Dude! Dude!! Dude!!! DUDE!!!! DUDE!!!!! *Out of control FANBOYISM*


EVERYONE BATTLEFRONT 3 IS IN DEVELOPMENT!!!!!!!!!!! dont belive me type in google star wars battlefront 3 and go on wiki


hopefully we get the chance to kill the emporer and become the ruler of the galaxy


I've been waiting to fight that little patsy Luke for so long...


the evil ending is that the apprentice gets turned into that Dlack19..


i think he look like same character leading role, secret Aprentice in Star Wars: Force Unleashed. god he's back, hey I am playing SW FU, i found a secret Level name Jedi Temple. how i find ? in Marketgame on Add-ons. just one level but this INSANE !


is this a game or DLC cause if it is dlc i realy wish i didnt trade this game in


Holy Crap! This looks pretty cool. I had no idea this was coming out.


I'm frothing at the mouth in anticipation for this game. I love the original SWTFU even though it had a few problems, and I still play it. I can't wait to download this version of SWTFU because it looks like it's going to be sick. The huge problem I had with the first one is the inability to beat the game, start over and have all your upgrades. That really aggravated the hell out of me, so I hope they changed it.


i like this a lot i get bored of the light side always winning


this game would destroy the whole saga cool i say wipe out all the good guys


thats chilling


game from the dark site view is kind of cool but i doesn't show anything new than the first game did


"Deathlyill88 Posted Jul 28, 2009 7:57 pm GMT Also this is before he would have died. You can tell because of the HOTH mission, Boba Fett dies in Return of the Jedi. Hence he is not dead." Boba Fett does not die in Return of the Jedi


Dark side winning...sounds interesting!!!


suddenly this game just got extremely interesting, i'm getting it.


This looks like a continuation of the alternate ending where Darth Vader is defeted and you become Palpatines apprentice.


interesting..... but there are not many worthy oponents in the episodes IV, V and VI. Luke is a whimp, obiwan is old, and the bounty hunters are weak. Still, I might get this...

Awesome more TFU!!! And btw this will be a disc based game and ppl who have the original TFU will have to buy this or get it as DLC


This is a "What if" game, not actual star wars lore. It sounds like it's based on the premise that Darth Vadar loses early on and Palpatine has to get another apprentice to operate as his assassin. If that is the case as it seems to be, it is purely a fan-boy fantasy about what would happen if the emperor got a new apprentice who actually killed the remains of the rebellion. I think it's a really cool idea and I loved Force Unleashed so sign me up.


Also this is before he would have died. You can tell because of the HOTH mission, Boba Fett dies in Return of the Jedi. Hence he is not dead.


Boba Fett did not die in the giant pit he escaped its in one of the star wars comic books


This will be cool, but still this new video game character could not beat Kenobi or Skywalker. This will ruin the whole star wars series for me. And Boba Fett? Hes dead! he fell into that giant pit!


This. Is. AWESOME.


If DLC, YES~! It's about time LucasArts did an alternate reality twist on the StarWars series. If a new game, NO! I don't want to pay for the same game with just more add-ons!


I wonder if this edition will include the other DLC as well...


It might be a little late for DLC but, it looks pretty good.

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