Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Mad Gear Trailer

This is the newest trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1!

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    Got this today on steam for 3 bucks and I love the retro feel.I have generations too and both games are great. People can hate all they want ,this is awesome and worth the time playing.


    Sonic is the best, haters just dont know how to finish the games and are mostly nintendo fanboys :P




    sucks they didn't release it on media disc


    which in his opinion a good thing and about time


    I think my friend who is a sonic fan is going to either do cartwheels or have a heart attack, sonic going back to its roots :D


    Tails smells:(


    For being episodic, this first episode alone already provides 4 full Zones for $15 whereas the original Genesis Sonic 3 was $50 and you only got 6 Zones. On top of that, each Zone only had 2 acts while this game has 3. Although I wish the price had been $10, I can see how this is still a great deal.


    no ty ime not interested in paying 1200 points for only part of an arcade game.


    Whoa.. Looks Friggin Mazing!!! :D They should make more of these and Sonic Adventures... Miss the chaos :)


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    @Blaketoberfest I agree. Even with the familiar environments, I am still excited to play them. (I hope for an Ice Cap remake!) And yeah, why do people complain about this being a rehash when there are dozens of games out that get great reviews and they have familiar levels? (For example, Mario games)


    It may look like a "rehash", but what matters is that the Acts are structured extremely differently from Sonic 1, 2, 3, and Sonic & Knuckles. Just because the presentation looks familiar doesn't mean it's the "same game". If I recall correctly, people complained about New Super Mario Bros. Wii for the same reason... I'm quite excited for this installment and may be getting it for my Wii and iPhone if the reviews are positive.


    No matter what Sega/Sonic Team does, people will still complain about something. v_v


    Whens sonic going to go away? we're upto the zillionth game and it's all well past its sell by date.


    sonic 2 was the best


    Metropolis zone! I hate those green bug things.


    Interesting use of gears


    Looks like a mix of the Chemical Plant, Flying Battery and Metropolis zones. I like it a lot. It's got that classic feel while still looking and feeling new. :)


    Aw hell, Metropolis Zone homage? As if the original didn't have you running straight into those green Scyther robots every 30 seconds?! Damn tricky traps!


    @cameio with ya on that. I remember buying secret rings and losing all interest in anything sonic. Not sure if there are any other 2d scrolling ones out there besides the old ones, because I thought what they did with it was terrible and never looked. Game used to be a blast years ago.


    @spoonybard-hahs around that time they weren't released yet and certain games need cheats like grand theft auto even though i use them for fun


    @Akucapri if they make it for 3ds it better be good


    This looks like old school on the genesis


    I hope they make one for the 3DS


    i will get it day one BUT if it turns to be bad i will not buy any goddamit freakin game that has sonic name again! so please do it right cos we love sonic and we want it to be an awesome game just like before.


    Man I am so excited for this!!!!! But I really wish it was a complete retail game instead of downloadable episodes. Not because of the 4 separate prices but because I just don't like downloaded games. I'd rather buy and own a disc and case with my game than a file or two that to me isn't even real. But whatev. The game looks sweet and Sega will get my money no matter how they release it :P


    Wow really Sega ? You're gonna try and Nickel and Dime us also ? Sigh I hope Playstation Plus gives us a discount on this bullcrap. I highly doubt that though...


    ArcAngel6903 Unfortunately, you're probably right about them selling episodes individually.


    I don't understand why they called this Sonic 4.. it's just a reimagining of Sonic 1 & 2, not a new game worthy of that title..


    We're going to pay per act aren't we? Episode is just a cute way of hiding this fact. I WILL NOT buy individual acts. Sega is the new Capcom... I mean Crapcom.


    Sonic 3 w/ Sonic and Knuckles Attached was by far my favorite... if this can bring that same feel back then awesome. :)


    @ lilflex1 Sonic 2? No cheat codes? My dear sir, you were deprived as a child. Level select: Go to sound test and play the following songs: 19, 65, 9, 17. Exit back to the title screen the hold UP + A At level select, enter this to get all the emeralds: 4, 1, 2, 6 Then enter 1, 9, 9, 2, 1, 1, 2, 4 to get the debug menu while playing. To use it in a level, hold A + C and press start to select the level. Once inside, press B to enter the "menu" (Sonic turns into items), press A to cycle through all the items in the game - from rings to traps - and press C to make a copy of it you can use.


    i remember just having no coins left against robot sonic with 1 hit left and my heart racing fast as hell knowing that it wasnt the last fight


    @shinkada yea and the sega version had no save feature or cheats so once you got that far and died it was time to resist breaking the control


    I wonder if Cody, Guy and Haggar will make an apperance.


    Oh great, a Metropolis Zone inspired one. I can't wait for it to constantly kick my ass! :D


    the similar level always got me mad


    I wish they'd play the theme song. Plus, does anybody think the Sonic Colors is looking good? Because I looked at a few of the trailers and the 3D running, back view is actually looking great.


    @ggxx_god Wait until you see the boss from this level, then tell me how much it reminds you of Metropolis Zone from Sonic 2 LOL




    Blah, why does gamespot have to automatically switch to a new video after this one is finished. Have they never considered that someone might actually want to watch the video and then still have time to make a comment afterwards. The game looks great, but I don't really trust SEGA at this point, so I'll wait for the reviews.


    I wonder if the Tails Doll will be in this.


    That the new Sonic the Hedgehog game is broken up into episodes and available for download only irritates the hell out of me. I'll wait for either a hard copy or complete version of the game or Sega can just bite it.


    i feel like there's still something missing, can't quite put my finger on it...


    Before i buy this, im gonna have to protect my fan from David Hasselhoff


    This game is a must have for me anyone know the price for this DLC Gotta add funds to my psn account asap


    I prefer the hand drawn 2D graphics like the GBA and Genesis Sonic games but at least Sonic 4 is a side scroller the music was epic in this video, hope its a real game BGM


    I'm quite happy with what's done, but hmm.. I have to differ on opinions. I don't think this is a remake, at all. It's ok that stages look a bit to the older ones, but meh, the map greography have NOTHING in common with the older ones.. You know what's a remake? Sonic 2 HD (Fan Project). Sonic 4 Episode I is a continuation, and it really keeps the older series (Green Hill, Emerald Hill, Whatever Hill, Splash Hill...) yeah

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