Sonic Lost World: The Very Best of Sonic

Sonic's latest outing combines the very best gameplay that Sonic games have had to offer - to great effect.

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    Sonic games don't work well in 3D so what about Sonic Adventure 1 & 2? Were those bad Sonic games?
    I loved Sonic Adventure games as much as I loved old 2D classics and the Sonic and Shadow levels were fast, fun, challenging and memorable.

    It is possible to make good Sonic 3D games even without forced running or partial 2D sequences they just suck at it now.

    Generations was fun and so was Colors but they lacked on story telling quality imo


    Haters gonna hate.

    I felt that Generations was probably one of the best Sonic games (or platformers ever made).

    Mario has had consistent quality in 3D but he's also very safe. And safe can get boring. Very, very boring.


    Didn't Sonic have a game that was 3D in the PS2?


    Yeah but this is stereoscopic 3D for the 3DS



    Think about it this way, Super Mario 3D World is still going to be an amazing Mario title, at the same time, it's also serving to highlight Lost World even more, making it more likely that both games will do very well as opposed to the 3D Mario overshadowing Sonic Lost World.


    @abHS4L88 @DaneGamer That's actually a very good analogy. I just thought that having a 3D mario game up to five players is something worth to be looking for after the fact it's not Super Mario Galaxy 3...


    I like Sonic's friends. and I like seeing them in the game. I also like playing as them, but I'm not against a game with just Sonic.

    Hopefully Sonic can get his groove back and to do that he'll have to do it alone


    yey new sonic game


    yeah sonic


    Wow It made Tom happy he hates every thing!!!


    I'm one of those who likes Sonic's friends, but yeah, sticking to just Sonic will help this game be more likable. They could've worked in the friends like they did in Generations, but whatever.


    @Coonfoot One flaw with having a lot of friends in one game: "Watch out! That's a homing shot!" "Hey! That's a homing shot!" "Oh no! Dodge that.... HOMING SHOT!" xP


    Shenmue Bankrupt the company its deserves to stay dead. PSO 2 however is ready to go and SEGA is do nothing about it. Just Announce it for the PS4 already and I will finally buy a Play Station on launch.


    Shenmue exclusive is what wii u needs.


    Pleaseeee sega, shenmue 3. I would by 3 wii us for it.


    Personal opinion: Sonic should've never left 2D and Sonic should never had more friends than Tails and Knuckles...


    Stoked on this. Really loved Colors. Glad they're sticking with just Sonic. I do think if Sega made a Knuckles game on it's own with a completely different gameplay mechanic a lot of people would pick it up.

    Hopefully this will sell well for SEGA on the Wii U. I would love to see them dig a little deeper into some of their old IP's and maybe give us a new Jet Set Radio or Panzer Dragoon on this system.


    No PC version of Sonic: Lost World D:


    Slightly dislike the force run feature of the game but deff still looking forward to the most pure sonic game in years. Glad to see it releases this year.


    @larz_1234 You're joking right? That was the best thing that could ever happen to a 3D Sonic game. Personally I always thought that Sonic should have two running speeds in the first place, or else it's always "roller-coaster" mode and platforming gets weird.


    @Chico86_basic @larz_1234 Sorry i thought the force run feature was like the style of running in Sonic and the Secret Rings and the games similar to that where you could not control running and could not stop to explore the level. I see from the gameplay that you can choose to stop or slow down if you want to try different paths. This makes me even more excited for this game.


    "The Very Best of Sonic"

    So is is basically Sonic 2 & Sonic CD?



    ...Why the hell do you people remember that clusterfuck Sonic CD, but not Sonic 3 & Knuckles...?


    one of the reasons to get a wii u


    I wish I could believe all this.


    I don't know, SEGA has given me more reasons to distrust they can make good 3D sonic games than they can't. I guess Generations was straight though,

    btw Generations was just straight, as in okay, it was solid I don't know why folks keep talking like it was a GREAT game. Yeah it may have been the best Sonic in recent years but that isn't really saying much. I know they're all just opinions, but still...


    @Chaos_Dante_456 Agreed, but it was a fun game. Very fun, I still find my self running through levels every now and then when I am bored. It had a great pace to it, and a great design. I DO agree with you though, saying that Generations was the best of the recent generation (haha) of Sonic games isn't saying much.


    @unnamed475 @Chaos_Dante_456 It couldn't get much worse than '06. This game looks good, and introduces some new features to keep things fresh. I'm also surprisingly glad it's just Sonic this time. I need a break from all of my friends telling me about homing shots.


    These e3 vids are too quiet. Please crank the sound.


    PS4 please? Maybe not this sonic game.


    After seeing Nintendo's "3D" Mario of this gen, I'm more excited about this game.


    I like this game btw anyone who has a 3DS or WiiU ..I say give it a go!


    Sonic lost world looks like Sonic X-treme not Mario Galaxy, Sonic X-treme was a 3D game that got cancelled in 1996 so basically it's kinda like a remake, So get your facts straight


    @Randy21021 It's just a coincidence though. The development team was not inspired by Sonic X-treme while making this game.


    @Randy21021 it can still be said it looks like Mario Galaxy...that's an opinion not a fact...


    It just seemed like a Super Sonic Galaxy to me. I don't play these games, but i don't think the fans will like it.


    @gamingnerd121 Think again my friend. Looks awesome, you can't really shun a game for borrowing an idea that's only been used once before. Besides, Nintendo are in partnership with this one, so they will sort Sonic out!!


    not another SONIC remake..reboot or whatever piece of shit..... DIE IN HELL !


    @diabolik_023 Then don't play it, there's plenty out there that isn't this game.


    My last favourite Sonic game was Sonic: Heroes.. And where is Dr Eggman??? It's not a Sonic game without the Egg


    Tom loves Sonic. He will give the new Sonic game a score of 4.


    @leikeylosh because thats what it would probably deserve, reboot all you like sega but the gameplay will never work. Speed in a plaformer is no longer a turn-on. it just lame mediocre sonic game over and over again


    SONIC SONIC MORE SONIC ALL TERRIBLE REBOOTS. just tell us if Shenmue HD is in the works or not.


    @corteztheg Oooh no someone else who doesn't know what they are talking about.


    @Deadly_Nemesis @corteztheg No, a consistent universe is where continuity lies and Sonic and Sonic Adventure Series had it. But today, Sonic over the last decade is just like need for speed a franchise constantly tossed and passed around rebooted because its a well known IP. its just a shadow of its formal self constantly being rebooted all the time. Sonic is a Walking Dead



    That's like saying Bugs Bunny was rebooted for every new skit he was in in Loony Toons.



    A reboot of what? There has never been any consistent story it's just a character and title they can do whatever the hell they want with.


    I don't know it's going to be hard to top Generations. That game completely perfected both 2-D and 3-D Sonics gameplay.


    @Deadly_Nemesis I liked Generations but it's replay value wasn't very good. At least for me. :/ That's why I'm glad this game has some exploration involved rather than just fast-paced run-throughs.


    @Deadly_Nemesis i wouldnt say it was perfect but it was pretty damn good. I'm excited to see what they can do with this one.


    I want to believe it, but I'll wait until it's released. Sega managed a couple good Sonic games recently with Colors and Generations, so hopefully their luck keeps up.


    Doomed. Waiting for the fanboys to swarm saying "SONIC IS BACK," then dissapear as it gets 3.0 at gamespot.



    Except this isn't 2008 and Sonic has actually been doing really well again.


    It does genuinely look like it might be one of the best Sonic games in a long time...


    Sonic Adventure 3. Make it happen already.


    @Adapttttttt I had like sonic adventure 2 battle for gamecube. I felt it was really fun, some area's could be icky but I got over that. The running in that game was great for me. it felt more like running fast than gliding like generations 3d running and probly other sonics



    Eeeeh we don't really need it. The only thing it would likely do is bring the Chao's back other than that what would Sonic Adventure bring us that we aren't already getting with Colors and Generations and this new Sonic? Focus probably seeing how they would try to split the gameplay again between 3 characters.


    ha ha


    no chao garden...


    Any Sonic fan worth their salt will recognise the similarities between this and the ill fated Sonic X-treme on the Saturn. Going to keep an eye on this one!


    @Phil-teh-Pirate That's exactly was I was thinking. I'm hoping this sees the light of day, though.


    We don't need all of sonic's friends but it would be nice just to see Tails and Knuckles playable one day



    Only if they had gameplay that was actually fun but if they tried to do that the game would be spread more thin then it already was with the Sonic Adventure games. Think about it. Knuckles should have had brawler gameplay. Tails, platforming, Rogue should have had stealth and Robotnik shooter. See it would be a mess.


    @Deadly_Nemesis @DoomSky There's no need for them to have radically different gameplay. Remember that during sonic 3 and knuckles Tails and Knuckles were similar to Sonic they could run fast, go into a spinball and spindash. Tails and Knuckles could share the same levels as sonic however their abilities could allow them to take different routes during the stage if they wished. Heck they have done most of the work already by adding in wisps. All those underground bits where you need to use drill? Knuckles could just dig through that. That platform you need to use hover to reach? Tails can fly up there. They could do it I'm sure they could.


    I honestly can't wait to see a next gen sonic, with the CGI parts, of the cutscene type moments being the actual gameplay graphics.


    Hope this Sonic game will be good. :)


    @superbuuman sonic generations was great and sonic all stars racing transformed was also great


    I heard this before


    This looks pretty awesome. Perhaps Nintendo doesn't feel it needs to bother bringing out a sequel to Galaxy 2 anytime soon with Sega bringing out a strong title to fill the genre.


    @Mugzippit Why does it have to be a sequel to Galaxy? Why can't we have a new Mario game? Or, God forbid, a new IP?


    @MikeDrawsALot I don't know about you but that new IP by Monolith looks fucking tight.

    Also I agree with the Mario thing. I really wanted the new Mario game to be like a spiritual successor to 64/Sunshine/Galaxy, not a sequel to 3D Land. Hopefully they'll release that mario game at some point during the WiiU's lifecycle.


    @MikeDrawsALot What is it with everyone wanting ANOTHER Mario Galaxy. Aren't we all complaining about Mario doing too much of the same?


    @comb5 @Mugzippit But it isn't the kind of 3D exploration-Mario that everybody wants. Albeit, it is 3D.


    @Mugzippit They already announced Super Mario 3D world for the Wii U. It looks awesome.


    @kbaily @MikeDrawsALot By sequel to galaxy I meant a 3D Mario game that would be considered the next in the line of games that started with SM64. Galaxy 2 was simply the latest in that line. I'm honestly not expecting Galaxy 3 to ever exist (pray Nintendo will employs Valves counting ability when it comes to this!).


    Sonic has had a tough time in recent years, but I thought they nailed it with Generations - fantastic game. This looks great too (biiiig shame it's a Nintendo exclusive) - maybe we're witnessing a second golden age for sonic?



    I hope so, took them long enough to realise that Adventure to Unleashed didn't work.


    @karloss01 ok... didnt understand maybe but did you say sonic adventure didnt work..???
    or you mean after adventure ?


    Sonic Adventure was the start of the bad 'modern' sonic games.


    Am i the only one who actually liked sonic's friends? and i actually liked (don't crucify me) 06's variety

    i don't like a sonic game where nothing changes or no multiple characters

    sega don't fuck it up


    @Enforcer246 @thequickshooter yeah the adventure series is still my favorite

    but they won't continue the adventure series for some reason, and now they work for nintendo (for 2 years) so we won't see another adventure game

    and we might not see one at all



    I didn't mind most of them, but I did love the variety Sonic Adventure had (minus Big :P) since Sonic's was about speedy platforming, Tails was racing, Knuckles had exploration, Amy's was puzzle platforming, and Gamma was sort of like a 3rd person shooter. I think when SEGA started to go overboard with the additional characters that people got annoyed.

    I can live with just featuring Tails and Knuckles as playable characters since their attributes alone change up gameplay quite significantly.


    @abHS4L88 @thequickshooter

    Dear Sonic Team,

    No more Silver, please. :P And don't let the friends tell you about the Boss fight in the middle of the fight. "I DON'T CARE ABOUT HOMING SHOOOOOTS!"

    Sincerely, Not your Biggest Fan. Just a Video Game fan. Fo' reals.


    Hope this one is 100% great Sonic game.

    I was impressed by Generations, mixing the best of 2D Sonic with some 3D Sonic parts being good.

    Just hope that this one can bring a new generation of Sonic fans on the Wii U to have awesome memories like those who experienced Sonic on the MegaDrive.

    Regardless of how far SEGA and Sonic had fallen last decade, I do wish good will for them to have some new found luck with Sonic Lost World.


    @TBoneTony From what I know, there was never a Sonic game on the MegaDrive. Just the Genesis and onward. Just being OcD here.


    it reminds me of Jumping Flash on Ps1 crossed with Mario Galaxy


    @Clownbabby Rare used to rip off good Nintendo games when they created some of their classic games, so who cares if they do it right?


    @Foppe @Clownbabby actually SMG ripped off of Sonic Xtreme, though it never came out so that means that it is actually Mario who ripped off of Sonic and Sonic claiming his game back.


    @Sento_brean @Foppe @Clownbabby Except this probably won't be as memorable as Galaxy. No offense Sonic fans, but I feel as though while Mario stole concepts from X-treme, this game won't match up to it's success. It all comes down to whether you like slower-paced exploration and puzzle solving, or fast-paced platforming and speed-running.


    This new Sonic-Game actually looks quite decent

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