Six Days in Fallujah Interview

Six Days in Fallujah's team from Atomic Games speak about the upcoming 2010 first-person shooter.

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fast forward 3 and a half years later..... oh yeah BF3.


what if.....


yaa i really thought they canceled this game but i guess after medal of honors flogging they had no choice but to but it back



wait....the project is back on?


this game could show call of duty up any day. really hope this gets released someday


Some publisher should buy this up, I genuinely want to play it.


@LACOP the thing is you know deep down in your heart that Iraq people never welcome the invasion from US and butting in their problem. What do you think if your country gone through the same problem? I cannot understand why USA think they're above the international law.


so...Metal Of Honor gets to produce a game about afghan, the army, and pmc's but the USMC and iraq is taboo...logic anyone?


@hani83 So you think the military killed "more than 200000 innocent iraqis" I would just LOVE to see your proof. I spent a year over there myself, have you, no you haven't. You don't know crap about Iraq or whats going on over there, stop acting like you do. And FYI, a majority of the big time insurgents in Iraq, weren't Iraqis. So you're "the iraqi patriots toght (nice spelling by the way) the terrorist americans" Is completely wrong.


this game would look awesome if it ever came out


americans always think they are the heros, the american army in iraq is group of nazy killer, they killed more than 200000 innocent kid and women, and then they make a game trying to show that they are righteuos killers, in fallugah the iraqi patriots toght the terrorist americans how coward they are, and the hill was their. thanx


i still cant believe how trash mind are americans they protested for Six Days in Fallujah but MOH is ok to them? lmfao fat asses


@Xx_Hopless_xX Well really, we didn't invade Iraq because of 9/11, we did because we were told that they had weapons of mass destruction. And no, hundreds of thousands of people didn't die, around 3000 did. A lot of people died, but not THAT many.


@supergamer514 How can you say that? Its not EVEN OUT YET!


ok so why wouldnt want this game to come out when real marines want it to be made! american citizens pretty much own their lives to these men and women so u cant give them something so small back? this game better get released...and it will beat the stupid fiction stuff COD: MW2 has...come on atomic make it happen!!!


Exploiting the marines or the Iraq war is silly when you think about all the WWII games that have been released. It's seems to me that they are taking this we respect and the seriousness it deserves.


wow im legitimately excited for these games atomic has coming out. The dedication to finally bringing some reality to these shooters is what ive been waiting for, for years.




I think the game looks amazing. I actually HAD an older cousin in the war. and I think this game needs to be released with also advanced engines to show how gruesome and horrific war really is. Things that would have really been threats. no ultra-nationalist dictators that have infinite RPG's. I think the marines and all who fught and died there would like their story to be told. not forgotten.


Please release this game. Looks really good. If marines want this game to be realeased so everyone knows what happened then Releasee it! Who cares what all the dumb hippies say! Can't wait till it comes out.


To all you communist hippies out there who have decided to dispute the Iraq war: The Unites States was helping Kuwait, in protecting their oil supply from a mad man. You see, between Iraq and Kuwait, they control over half of the worlds oil supply, and Saddam Hussein wanted that. He wanted to control half of the worlds oil supply because he is a money driven, greedy, dictator. So what does the US do..? We, the United States, successfully defend half of the worlds oil supply from a genocidal dictator. We are not at all desperate for oil, or about to be desperate for oil, however, the world would be in a world of s**t had Saddam succeeded. Not to mention that if this war was really all about oil for ourselves, and taking without giving back, or whatever kind of nonsense you've all come up with, wouldn't we have invaded Canada? After all they are the number one exporter of oil to the US.. or maybe we should of invaded Saudi Arabia. They are number two. In fact, Iraq is no where near the top of the list of oil suppliers to the United States. This idea that you have presented here is very idealistic. I hope not to change your way of thinking or your ideas, however, I do aim to prove that the US DID NOT invade Iraq because we are greedy and money driven, or whatever kind of nonsense you've all come up with. Anyways, This looks like the game that I've been waiting for, for what seems like eternity.


<< LINK REMOVED >> you have invaded iraq my country becuase you you country is beside america you even cant understand it well you country were a afraid from iraq that it could attack israil i dont know even how it write correctly becuase we hate it so you cuase the war between us so you find acuase to attack iraq and even you have drop an atomic nucleur uranium on fallujah and cuase alot of disabled pregnant and man are disabled becuase of you all becuse of you you collaprated with kuwait and send your agent to iraq and cuase awar becuase of you israil is trust in ameica to defend it and kill some plestine citizan and invanted pelestine land when saddam army get too strong so you dont write from your disk and talk thing you dont know it not an oil cuase its afreedom cuase from israil to pelestine you dont live with us you dont know what we know even you dont expierent what we do...........


@Xx_Hopeless_xX Why are you ignorant and stupid? Serious question.


i want THIS


Xx_Hopless_xX al qaeida did 911 so dont try to put this on the Iraqis your just covering bush's mistake to put troops in Iraq the troops should come home execpt fighting for no reason


Its just another Fps that i might or might not buy why is there such a discussion?


the game won't be any good.


[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]


@ Xx_Hopless_xX You obviously don't know what you're talking about. Hundreds of thousands did not die. And also in my opinion, Marines and soldiers are just as much as a hero as any other person working for society. Just because they have a dangerous job doesn't mean they deserve special attention.


well if the marines that were there are helping them develop it and are ok with it being released, why the f**k should hippie liberals, who don't have any notion of what really happens in war, get involved. it should only be up to the marines themselves to decide...if they don't want it made then no-one should complain if its cancelled, but that's not the case. just so you americans know im British and from my point of view its those sort of people that give you the bad reputation and lack of respect you have around the world...but there's also a large number of people who are too enthusiastic about going to war against everyone else, isn't the world such a wonderful place...


@oms93 First off, we invaded because of 9/11, where hundreds of thousands of women and children died, all non-combatants. I'd definitely look into this game as i love FPS and war games, the fact that this one will accurately depict one is a bonus. Hope it doesn't disappoint. As for the liberals, they need a reality check, besides the fact that this is a game it also portrays our soldiers in a non biased way. Many Hollywood movies portray our soldiers as rapists and animals...far from the case and this is a fact based game, therefore, we'll actually be able to view our soldiers in the correct heroes, which is what they deserve instead of being falsely portrayed as rapists and animals...


People say this game is glorifying the war what about call of duty it makes war look easy and fun. This game gives you an insight into what the marines really faced and how difficult it was and it really makes you give them respect because in real life they only got 1 try


i hope hippies wont stop this game from releasing


I hope this game pays off considering it's been in production for 6 years! I'm a really big fan of shooter games so if it takes this long to make this I think this is gonna be freaking awesome! Other than that, I think that this game is definitely worth the wait.


mikees1 your right i am a faithful watcher of "commando" and how they fight in helmand and basra is incredible though the marines are doing a good job the question is this: how are you going to win this war. not that im having a go at the marines.


Regardless of how this game is rated, I will buy it and play it because I have to see for myself how accurately they convey the feeling of these troops. I hope that the families that are against this video game are against it because they think GTA when they hear games, and I hope Atomic Games does indeed convey emotions and sorrow through this game, instead of glorifying warfare like Medal of Honor does oh so often.


I believe this game will be great




get that game out now who really cares about the politics?we are gamer's we should only care about the experience


To many angry liberals got this game cancelled. Being in a military family and have lost my best friend in Iraq I can tell you that everyone I spoke to about this had no problem with the game as it shows people what we dealt with on a very realistic level versus hey you got shot but if you hide for 30 seconds your health comes back.


man you got some real balls to say some stuff like that im going to the marines to fight for my flag and my country for you and every other american so i f i ever meet you im gunna smack the **** out of you


awarapanmovie its funny how you talk crap about americans but knowing that we prolly help your country out a lot.One the soldiers are more man and women that u will ever be you couldnt last a minute in war and how they live over there so try it yourself and see how it works for you before you talk crap.


Hope will be region free and not NTSC


so whos picken this game up?


It's a d*mn shame a promising and historically relevant shooter as described here won't be brought to market (by Konami, at least). Kudos to Atomic Games, and their CEO, for taking a stand. I hope they find another go-to-market partner!


i love it. i really hope this is a realistic game. i cant stand games where you can stand behind a wooden door and not get shot through it... it sounds a lot like Brothers In Arms, Hells Highway, just present weapon style... really awesome... i cant wait


warlord....that means nothing, konami released it on all platforms because i imagine that building a new engine is time and money consuming and they will need to make more of a profit off of it, also take into consideration that konami wants to to tell this story, and by putting it on all platforms, they are giving everybody that oppertunity. so they have not " jumped off the band wagon" how are you saying that if its still gonna be on ps3?