Setting the Mech Free - A look at MechWarrior Online and Hawken

Like Mechs? Curious about MechWarrior Online and Hawken? Watch this video to see what it takes to play each game and what differentiates them.

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    If you already play mech games and want to do it online, MWO is the way to go. Hawken is CoD with mech flavour but that's about it. Maps are small and is all about twich.

    If you never played a mech game you should try both, but calling Hawken a mech game is kinda pushing it.


    you need to understand that hawken is a reminicens to Steel:Battalion for the first Xbox, this giant controller featuring mech simulator that showed mechwarrior where the bells are back in the days ...

    hawken is everything and it throughs this all at you in splitseconds ... steep learning curve but the best mech game we have at the moment ...


    hawken = teamplay, startegy,fastpaced, real world graphics, decent mechdesign

    mw:o = pay to win / f2p rip off

    if you call hawken cod you never played it, or cod ...


    MWO was fun but you cannot pug it or be a casual player and be much else besides cannon fodder. So you will have to be willing to devote a fair amount of time. Not for everyone


    So Mechwarrior = Battlefield (slow and precise) and Hawken = Call of Duty (run and gun)?



    No, MWO is VERY focused on teamplay. Going in with a pug will probably get you nowhere. Besides, MWO has a huge emphasis on terrain and weapon management. Knowing every aspect of the mech you are using is very important, there are no lucky shots here.

    As a matter of fact, just like in the old times, heat management is a big deal. This means, among other nuances, that you just can't go firing all weapons all the time, else you'll overheat and shutdown.

    Lot of good things, specially if you like the setting. Right now, the only bad thing IMO is lag issues and some balance when it comes to roles. Love the game so far.

    As to Hawken, have not tried it, sorry.


    Et tu mecha brute.
    So it's like Halo v.s. TF2, k, well halo's a bad exampel for hakwen, even halo has mechs now.


    MW:O is total garbage ... its like this battlefield mod ... and I ccant believe tehy are using cryengine ...

    hawken on the otherhand is THE robot game everyone is waiting for since the 80`s it has a very high skillcap compared to MW:O, wich is just a dissapointing mess



    To his his own, but I have to state my opinion on this.

    Hawken is nothing but COD with mech skin, no locational damage, fast paced, no strategy involved, your typical run and gun shooter with different aesthetics.

    MWO is the Mech simulator, in the same vein as MechWarrior 1 thru 4, with steep learning curve, locational damage on each mech, heat management, ECM, team work, each shot in MWO literally counts, as a reviewer said, it's the thinking man's shooter.

    Also, Hawken's free 2 play model is a pure rip off, MWO is far far more forgiving towards free players and newcomers. Hawken is nothing more than pay 2 win, in MWO paying cash confers no advantage that a free player can't have given enough time.


    'Free to pay' but, like PS2, pay to win. What a shame!


    I already play Hawken and love it, but I'm definitely going to have to try out Mechwarrior Online. Seems a little bit more slow and strategic, so it would be a nice change of pace.


    Dissapointed in hawken, game become crap because of pay to win noobs and su[per unballanced mechs, every noob playing same mechs coz of op, devs doing nothing long time, there is 3 maps maybe cant remember more, al lthe tim same game, unballanced battles where most of time max levels play against very low levels, there is no other content like from alpha same, few pcvp maps and thats it, no pve coop etc, game is dead for me in this stage,boring to play!


    Huge fan of the Mechwarrior Universe. The story the was insane read most of the Battletech novels. The game is just how remember it back in the Mechwarrior 2 Merc days. I just hope they expand the avatar parts. Like joining a house and having a oppurunity to visit the respectable capital planets and so on. Instead of just joining a lobby and playing a game.



    There are plans for a metagame in the future similar to planetside 2, but first they are aiming at implementing the clan invasions, and fixing all the bus.


    For anyone interested, newcomers to MechWarrior get an immediate 7,000,000 C-Bills for nothing, straight away, which means you can get a heavy and customize it without bothering to grind.


    @chudik @MAD_AI

    Just register and log in, I played since open beta, and I got 7,000,000 automatically, around a month ago.


    I can see the appeal of Mechwarrior Online, but Hawken just feels like a mech first person shooter. Hawken actually felt boring and I found the controls terrible and slow. So disappointing.


    well for all ur console lover who want a mech game like MWO. Try the old Chromehounds game. It wasnt too bad with a decent online MP. Also Chromehounds 2 in 2013?


    MWO all the way


    @blastmaster2k2 what's your video card? Nvidia 7650? of course it will hurt


    i love both games, been playing MWO since dot lol. I find MWO more enjoyable tho because its something new and different and team work is a BIG importance. Its slow and a thinking game. Rush in and you WILL die. Once you get that mind set out of the way the game is amazing. and its a game that i have been supporting in the founder packs 'gold pack' again since dot because i want it to be successful. and i have been playing mechwarrior games for like 20years :-)

    Hawken is fun, its COD in mechs. The game is fun but it does feel like COD or UT. I do hope that cockpit changes when you buy a new mech in the future lol. atm its the same what ever mech you buy in hawken. I may support the game down the line.

    What i like more about these games. One being FREE. The other, They are NOT pay to Win, every mech apart from xp boot mechs can be bought with in game credits. Only cosmetic items cost real money which is fine and fair.


    @TERMINATOR-SSD yeah one of the downside of hawken is your cockpit is same no matter what mech you piloting.


    Very well made video. I'll definitely make sure to give both of these a try.


    I actually watched this twice. One for the excellent and quickly delivered info and a second time for the great production value. Kudos to the person/people who made this. Great stuff.


    I HATE MMO !!

    I wanted this game to have a single player


    If either of these games were selling at full retail price and weren't F2P i would be playing them already


    @blastmaster2k2 @Sw1tched Just keep it in the right context and it's fine!

    Context> individual words.

    Gearbox will not babysit you.


    Hawken is like Cod and Mechwarrior is like Battlefield 3 there you go :D


    @Printul_Noptii I'll do you one better. Hawken is like Chivalry where Mechwarrior is like War of the Roses.


    @blastmaster2k2 @xkurupt718x @cj_currie Since no one else has had this problem, perhaps god just hates you, asshole. Judging by your apparently high-functioning retarded personality that might not be far off. Next time take better care of your hardware.


    Both look very compelling. Earthsiege 2 was the first real game I ever owned for PC, played the crap out of it, same with Starsiege later on. Good times.


    I was skeptical about Mechwarrior Online over it's F2P model, but after digging into it, it looks like Piranha games is doing a lot of things right. At first you think most players would be turned off from the game after they get annihilated two minutes into their first round, but then they automatically start spectating their teammates and seeing all the maneuvers and tactics veteran pilots pull off, and right away you want to jump into the next match to try out a new strategy.
    Biggest complaint I have so far is that you have to pay real money to change your mech's paint job (no c-bill option). It's practical to have different camo styles available for different missions, like a blue-white scheme for snowy missions, but the pay model removes that tactic.


    @Taegre you CAN pay c-bills to change your mech's paintjob, but you only get a selection of like 5 colours.


    Now, we're almost there. Just give us a mech game with a engaging single player campaign!!!


    @Arther-la-Blunt you should try one of the earlier MechWarrior games. They all had decent campaigns.


    Cool thanks.


    Anyone remember Carnage Heart? We need another mech game like that. Haha so many good times with that game.


    Any melee attacks in either game?


    @xavvor1 mechwarrior are looking into for futuer plans...


    I really hope we can get a real Mechwarrior sequel one day.Oh and btw the song in that Windows 8 ad is getting annoying lol.


    Hawken is just a generic FPS with a mech theme, riding the coattails of the Mechwarrior franchise.

    Mech Warrior Online is actually a mech game.


    @andmcq I support this comment.

    Mechwarrior Online is a great game and if you don't want to spend money on it your don't have to. You'll get into your first mech real fast with the new player money bonuses. Come on and play a match.


    @blastmaster2k2 @cj_currie LOL thats your dumbass fault for not monitoring the temps on your gpu. Any true pc gamer monitors things like temp and fps while they game


    Video is well done! Keep this guy


    @cj_currie @blastmaster2k2 lol cockgobbler


    Well-produced video. Gamespot is getting more mature every year.


    I've been playing Hawken and it's awesome. But I will be switching and staying with MechWarrior for sure. It's such a legendary series with some of the best simulators in the past. It'd be great to see both these games in a campaign co-op and singleplayer story game..


    Nice coverage. I play both but I fall on the Mechwarrior side of the equation. I just like the mythos and the methodical nature of the game play and a substantial difference between the classes. I'd recommend both.


    @blastmaster2k2 A game cannot hurt your video card under any circumstances. User error most likely.


    so we are allowed to curse on here?


    Alright, for discussions in which we are SERIOUSLY discussing 'setting the mech free' MechWarrior Online NEVER enters the discussion except by point of CONTRAST when it comes to freedom! That said it should be obvious that unless, for example, fluidity of motion, full articulation and a weapon array that ISN'T a liability to the pilot's life are FIRST answered then NO OTHER game deserves mention, NO MATTER how popular or classic...And there's so much more if I had my way...


    Great video, nicely done. And pretty informative too.


    @Xiaxx @pal_080 Let's throw out a completely made up figure just for the sake of painting a picture. You have a game like WoW where it has a subscription cost of 15 a month. Let's say for a free to play MMO, one out of every four people pays for items. For the free to play MMO, that one person would have to spend 60 a month for the devs/publishers to make the same amount of money.

    If free to play cash shop items seem expensive, this is why... and many of them hook you into some chance-related scheme to give you an infinite money-sink. I've worked in the business at a publishing studio, and I've seen people plop down 2000 USD in one month on one game.

    For games like these where there shouldn't be a subscription model to begin with, it's a little different. Now you're dealing with a one time box price(full or reduced) versus microtransactions. I would think(and hope) that the money-sink potential in these kinds of games would be lower, because they're not missing out on a monthly cash flow of a subscription cost.


    Seems like Battlefield and COD in terms of play styles for each game


    @ck10304 I'd say more like Counterstrike and COD if you want to get into the match style. MWO currently is a single spawn match, while Hawken has unlimited respawn.

    Hawken is all about your twitch gameplay skills, while MWO is about planning. Both reward teamwork heavily.


    What music is playing first 30 sec?


    Good video, good info, need more stuff like this.

    I didnt even know both games were available to play.

    Only problem with this video, is now I have to somehow find that dubstep music that transitions mechwarrior online with hawken. I wish sometimes they'd list the music they use :(


    Free to play Pay to win.

    Even tho everything can be acquired without spending any money in Hawken, it takes sooooo long to earn game credits to upgrade and buy stuff that it is a HUGE turn off to keep playing while you're pitched again other players who unlocked/paid new equipements. And if you do use real money to upgrade your character, then you are owning everything and there is no more competition which fks the game anyways. I prefer paying 39.99$ and have access to the full game like everybody else then it being free and getting the smackdown on me when I start playing in matches where lots of my opponents already reached end game content or vice versa. Free to play games are a ripoff since most of the time you end up spending more then you would typically do on a 39, 49, 59$ game.


    @jack00 And just to rub dirt in your eye, the mech that is considered the best right now/most versatile is the Recruit, your first free mech that you own automatically.


    @jack00 Sure...thats why i own everything with the free mechs they have each time.I just recently bought one of the mechs with normal credits, having a blast.

    Sorry you suck mate.


    @WolfGrey @jack00 I suck ? I happen to do well, and would probably do a hell lot better if I had access to the rest of the upgrades without having to spend 40 hours for 2-3 upgrades.


    @jack00 @WolfGrey Well thats a shame and all, since ya know...i dont need the upgrades to do well....


    @jack00 But you get to try and play the game for free to begin with. Then you only have to pay for what you want, rather than paying for stuff you don't want.


    @Viktormon @That's the thing, when i buy a game, I want to have access to everything, not just 1-2 class with some upgrades.


    @jack00 @Viktormon MWO has nice new-player-bonus system, which is I forgot the details, but after 10 or so first match you'll get nice 3 or 4 million c-bills, it's enough money to buy your first mech (well it limited to some light and meduim class with that money)


    I got bored of them pretty quickly despite adoring games with mechs.


    I'm a Mechwarrior online player, and I seriously love the game. It has an amount of depth that most games don't even touch.

    The prices are relatively fair, you can play this game with pretty much any mech without even paying a cent for it from the get go (Though they go in rotation, 4 at a time). Sure you can't customize them, but you don't need to customize to be a good pilot in this game and kill everyone else. Game is perfectly balanced so there are no disadvantages of running a trial mech.

    Not me however, I bought about 100$ of credits to support the dev into making more updates. The lack of content is it's main con, but damn is it fun.


    @Iemander I love MWO, play it daily, but current netcode bugs make light mechs over powered, and trial mechs are most certainly weaker than a customized, upgraded, and max leveled counterpart. Luckily like you say, if you have skills and play smart you can make almost any loadout a killer, but it doesn't help that all new players are put in an inferior mech with their inferior skills.


    I saw these games the other day and wondered what are the differences. It is like DayZ vs WarZ. Both look great but I am not into F2P. I hate micro-transactions. I prefer to pay 40 bucks rather than pay 100 bucks to get the best asset in the game. Still great video gamespot. Keep up the updates.


    @Virtual_Erkan Hawken seems a bit grindy, but MWO gives you an early pay out to buy one or several mechs, and a new mech can be earnerd in 1-3 days of moderate play beyond that.

    Any dedicated MWO player will have to spend about $15 to buy bays for their mechs though, but $15 is a good price for the full game (all other necesary game items can be bought without slow grinding).


    @Virtual_Erkan You don't need to pay to get the best....

    Hell in MWO, since it would be your first time, after 25 matches you get 8 million cbills. Now you have enough to buy any mech you want.

    Don't state crap when it isnt true.

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