Screencheat - Multiple Players

Remember when we used to play GoldenEye and someone would yell "Hey, stop looking at my screen!!?" Well, now there is a 4 player game that is designed with the screen cheater in mind! Join the chat and see exactly how these skills can be put to the test.

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About Multiple Players

Video games are almost always better when played with allies--or enemies. Every week, Chris Watters teams up with friends and foes alike to either cooperate for mutual success or compete for individual glory.

Schedule: Mondays at 2pm PT




These four dudes are amazing together. 


OMG that intro. You guys have no honour! I never screencheated and I still won vs friends who did. Tsk tsk.

"Adapting to circumstances" hah! Just because you can cheat doesn't mean you should.

Did you steal your friends toys as well?

That said (in a semi serious half joking tone) this game is based on a pretty clever idea. Doesn't look very fun though.