Sackboy Gets Some New Wheels - Little Big Planet Karting Demo

We take a spin around the tracks in this demo for Little Big Planet Karting.

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    I'm interested in this one, but it could go either way, I think. It could be great, or it could really suck. Like, I KNEW LittleBigPlanet 2 was going to be good! I was looking forward to that like crazy. I probably hadn't been that excited for a new game since GTA: Vice City when I was 19. So, I immediately went out and got that one purely on faith.With this one, if it's as fun as it has to be potential to be, I'll purchase a copy for sure. But I'm gonna have to wait and see before I buy it.


    united front games the same people who made modnation racers. wow original the same gameplay elements with sackboy


    It's not made by media molecule, not getting it. I'm sure somebody can just make this is littlebigplanet 2 anyway.


    They should incorporate the physics-based stuff that made LBP so fun. Otherwise it just looks like Mario Kart with a texture pack to be honest. Not saying it won't be fun, but they could do so much more with this to make it unique.


    is that kevin butler playing?


    will this be a fully released game?


    hmmm, i thought they already released this, modnationracers, wait, no! its mario kart repackaged. Damn, im gonna get it if its just like mario kart!


    Hope this is what ModNation Racers was suppose to be like.


    wow looks great and sackboy is so adorable cant wait for this pasbr and gowa oh and starhawk and sly cooper darn why sony why do you hurt my wallet so much


    I glad judging from this demo that it may play more like CTR. Guy was doing some tight controllable drifting into 180s which makes battle mode really great.


    I'm a huge LBP fan and I love how their bringing in the whole create mode and being able to share it online, it adds a lot of replay value and depth yet it looks like a lot of fun and stays true to the kart racing genre.


    I hope it's creation is as creative as LittleBigPlanet itself, rather than the only okay creativity of ModNationRacers.


    Looks good. This and Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed make this a great year for kart racers.