Rising Storm - GDC Gameplay Demo

We check out flamethrowers and maps including Guadalcanal, Saipan, and Iwo Jima in Tripwire Interactive's latest WWII project.

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    "Will a banzai charge beat a flame thrower" ??? Really ?? Yeah banzai charges put up a force field around the Japs. This game looks awesome and I have been waiting for this for so long. I just hope they learned their lesson the first time with RO 2 and the crap load of bugs. The running "jittery" look as mentioned below needs to be fixed and I'm sure it will. Can't wait to see the release date for this beast !!!!


    the sprinting is so jittery...


    The AI needs some work . They show no intelligence and just stand and die. Much more work, I hope before this game comes out.


    this game actually looks great...its fun to have games set in WW2 again, and I guess the Japanese theater of War wasn`t GREATLY examined when WW2 games were peaking!
    Looks great and has some unique touches to it, can`t wait to pick this up!


    @TheDudeman420 You do know that this is a mod for Red Orchestra 2, and not a full game right?