Resident Evil 4 HD - Additional Gameplay Trailer

Check out some bonus gameplay footage of Resident Evil 4 HD available now on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

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    I have the GC version and love it but this HD 360 version looks sweet as hell.


    i love this game


    I haven't played this in a while, but that Iron Maiden sniffing immediately got my attention. Some things just stick with you...


    @TheGuardian03 [quote="You"]A rocket luncher won't work on the Regenerator shoot it in its weak spots.[/quote]

    It still damages it though. :P

    If I recall, the Regenerator can still only take a limited amount of damage - lots and lots of course - but still limited, even on the hardest settings.

    It may be more convenient to hit it with the Rocket Launcher and spend some more ammo to whittle down the rest of its HPs. Inefficient, of course, but a hell lot easier than trying to shoot out its "weak points" - especially the bothersome last one.


    @Skullmagician - lol, remember the 1st time you went into the frozen labs, low on ammo, locked doors and that sound a generator makes as it closes in? Man, RE4 on any gen = win.


    Has the combat sytem been changed or it´s the same of the original game?


    looks pretty good


    for me generators was scariest part of game it was very cool too=) ps: note how they always screw the shooting camera from pc versions to ps3 or x-box lol


    wow already? damn I have no xbox points :(


    Very nice I love this! 8)


    my eyes is burns!!!!!! :D


    A rocket luncher won't work on the Regenerator shoot it in its weak spots.