Remember Me - Memory Ravaged Slums Gameplay Video

Neo-Paris slums are decimated by memory-starved scavengers.

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    .looks like mindless pointless enemy-with-no-health-bar kicking/punching around then do some climbing and then back to kicking and punching.
    no stamina bar so you can keep going like that forever.
    and it always makes sense when i see some skinny girl taking on 5 guys and winning all the time like she's chuck norris' daughter.. wouldnt be more realistic to play a guy and take on 5 women and kick/punch them? slap/twist their titties.. rip off fake eye lashes and hair extensions.. chop their heads off and shout FOR THE ORDER!! or FOR THE HORDE!!
    this game is ok for consoles, not much else you can do with 6 buttons i suppose, so by console games standards its a good game then i guess.
    most pc gamers not gonna ever pirate this crap..
    plus its a female character so one can play with himself too..
    back to path of exile, there is nothing worth my time here..