Random Encounter - LEGO City Undercover

With Danny out sick, Seb and Sarah have taken the helm to play through LEGO City Undercover. Apparently, it's the GTA of LEGO games.

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    If you ever do another WiiU game, put a GoPro on it, then put a smaller view of the controllers screen in the corner of the vid.


    This game actually looks really fun.


    Ahhh! This game does look hilarious! Now I want it


    The premise here is obviously the studs but it actually looks quite amazing. Here are some other game suggestions: Medievil 2 [2000] and Final Fantasy IV [1991].




    I want this game so much xD Too bad it's for WiiU


    I think it would be very awesome if you played Black & White 1 from Lion Head Studios. Thank you I love this show!


    I just wasted 5 minutes on this absolutely terrible... I'll remember not to watch these videos.


    Had to make an account just to post on this video... what a poor review of a game, I really dont even know what else to say, its really lacking in any quality what so ever and anyone who feels that these 2 did a good job need to give their heads a shake. I could put a cat on a game controller and it would provide a more informative review of a game with much less of the painfully forced banter between these two.... hard to say what the game is going to be like, all i know is this will be the last review i watch on here.


    I woulda bought this game, if it wasn't just for the WiiU...


    @ReadySebbyGo good show. Glad to see the GameSpot-cast joining in to help out poor Danny. I miss Start/Select. Seb is funny. He should have more "face-time" :p


    This looks like GTA... Can you actually build with the legos?


    Is it proper that they're drinking on the clock, on camera no less?


    Great game. Gave me a reason to turn on my Wii U after months of being off.


    when i hear her voice i knew she was from feedbackula. great job sarah!!! do more shows like this


    I' m looking forward to Danny returning but I think it' s good to have some diversity in the hosts as well. Sarah should be in more shows.


    is their two random encounters


    lego game humor FTW!


    Finally, the mystery kid voice revealed from Feedbackula...Sarah!!!


    "If feels like a dinner plate with a screen on it." I'm going to use that Seb.


    The GTA of Lego indeed...


    worst random encounter ever


    Minus the frequent loading screens, I'm enjoying this game very much so far. If you're a fan of the previous Lego games, I would most definitely recommend picking this up. There is so much to do, and so many unlockables; I'm not sure I'll ever reach 100%.


    Danny's been "out sick" on and off quite a lot recently... get well soon, man! I hope it's nothing really serious.