Random Encounter - Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta

Cam and Seb jump into the Crysis 3 multiplayer beta to see if they make better hunters or prey.

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    Game can barely run on the 6870 with 12.1 drivers. I runs smooth but when you need fast reflexes it lags a bit. I honestly think that it's just not optimized properly though. It looks horrible on consoles...unplayable. My 6870 plays much faster than this video and it's too hard to be competitive. Anything MP needs to be 100 percent flawless and never dip below 30 FPS. Even if I am getting 40-50 fps at times..when you need it...and it drops to 26 for even a moment, you're screwed. Apparently they want everyone to go out and buy $400 cards for this game, lol. I simply don't trust AMD for it's drivers at this point...they don't update enough, I'm hearing bad things about the 7000 series of cards even though they are cheaper than Nvidia's offerings. I'd rather have a card that works and accelerates CS6 to boot.


    I hated crysis 2 especially the opponents which looked like giant squids and some others like barbecued octapous.This one though looks great .The environment graphics look top notch while the movement of the character look great. Will have to wait and see.


    I hated crisis 2. Plenty of hackers and such. Visually the characters and the background look too much alike and the player models on both teams look the same and it sucked so bad, id run into a room and cant differentiate players and would die. Oh and there were no US servers so I had the worst lag in any game. total waste of my money.


    ps. not using Origin ever, ignore Crysis 3 and the evil b****** at EA and do all your personal information a favour ie. don't let it be taken and sold, unasked, to whoever offers EA the most money.


    My DX 10 compatible 9800GT can't run it. Just wasted 3+ GB of my net usage :(


    Gamespot can you fix the HD 720p videos. I hate how I just can't skip halfway and have to wait a minute or two to get there.


    Disappointing alot of the better weapons are unlocked after hours and hours of gameplay. Puts the new people wayyyyyyyy in the back. Can do a noob stomp easy at high rank. I know games require skills, but what good is it if the guy can 2 shot you >.>


    For anyone here who hasn't yet tried the beta, just be aware that this game REQUIRES a DirectX 11 graphics card to even run.

    That is all...


    @Metallic_Blade Only the beta version. But still, that sucks. It's like they want to show us the game only in its shining clothes.


    why i can't play video on the web. note i have last flash player 11 and watch YouTube


    My Kinect likes Seb's voice. Was trying to watch this in the living room and the Kinect menu came up each time he said Xbox.


    note the TV standing on the printer paper stacks


    what if your mouse sensitivity was sooo high, you couldnt accurately change the mouse sensitivity? MIND BLOWN!!


    nice game


    i hope no one buys this game on consoles for your sake don't cause your getting ripped off as soon as you buy it, but if you want have at it you've been warned.


    what about unreal tournament? im waiting


    I want to play the single campaign, been waiting a lot for it.


    i tried playing this game but damn man i cant get a shot off anybody. every time i tried shooting my gun is flanging everywhere but at the enemy. i didnt like it did look sweet


    but it did look sweet though


    Wow. You guys from gamespot... you are not so skilled with fps games.


    @CivilizedPsycho Quality of art is subjective. Being extremly detailed doesnt make it more beautiful. I have a computer capable of running crysis 3, but i still personaly think that viva piñata is visually the most eye candy game i have eve player (ear candy too, because the soundtrack is wonderful).


    too much distraction on the hud and that camera is way too fast when looking around


    Multiplayer look snice :)


    great i will download it


    Well, just your generic FPS multiplayer. Still, could be a decent generic FPS multiplayer.

    EDIT: except it looks almost identical to Crysis 2, lol.


    Maybe I should download the beetah


    Just Bring It


    that sounds like quake Oo


    the vid on ign does some justice for pc


    this vid does no justice for pc its embarassing frankly. gave it a try on ps3 and it didnt even look as good as killzone 3 sad, it was unplayable.


    One last thing, I'm curious. Why is it that everyone that I ever watch playing PC games always has motion blur on either off or medium? Why not on its highest? Is it because of the frame-rate, or just because they don't like the look?


    @NTM23 It get's me sick when moving around, blur is more like a feature than a Graphic improvement.


    @PuNksterHD Hm, yeah. I understand that. When my brother and I had a PC a few years ago to play games, he always turned off the motion blur, that's probably the reason.


    When you guys say 'beta' it sound like you're saying Vita.


    I'll say it again, because I hope and think this is true. The 360 version looks like that because it's a beta, and maybe as well as it being a multiplayer; it's absolutely terrible. If you go play Crysis 2 or even Crysis on 360, it looks much better than this beta does. I'm really hoping the campaign on 360 looks better, otherwise I'm going to be very, very disappointed.


    I really like how on the side it says both F.E.A.R. and Crysis 3. I wish Crytek and Monolith made a game together. Take the best of what F.E.A.R. does and the best of what Crysis does, and I think you have a game that I'd love more than most.


    The ripples


    Never played Crysis 2, but I could play the original Crysis on maxed settings. Any idea how demanding this one'll be in comparison?


    @d_kell411 From what I hear, the original Crysis wasn't optimized well, that's why it couldn't play well on a lot of people's PC, while two did just fine, if that's the case though, then you should be able to run Crysis 3.


    @NTM23 @d_kell411 The texture quality was halved in Crysis 2, I was replaying Crysis the other day and I'm amazed that my Radeon 7750 can play it in medium/high it does still look amazing


    @evil_m3nace I haven't played it, and couldn't, since 2009, but I agree, it probably does still look amazing.


    I don't know about Europe, but in the U.S., we call it a BETA, not a BEETA.


    @noah364 Seeing as "they" invented the language, us 'Mericans are wrong. But we're a lot better looking.


    @crzysheeit @noah364 yes they invented the language, we invented a phrase in 1776 'Merica Fuck Yeah!


    @travo0159 Oh my god, just reminded me of World Police.... "There's no 'I' in Team America."


    @noah364 It's funny. As an Australian, I read it as (phonetic pronunciation) "We call it a 'beeta', not a beeta."


    @Monaro213 In the U.S. We say 'bay-tuh' or 'bay-duh', while from the sounds of it, you would say 'bee-tuh'. I'm not going to say it's wrong, 'cause it's not, but as an American, it does sound weird. There's another word, and I don't think it's an Australian accent, but what Hargreave's voice actor is in Crysis 2, he says data 'day-tuh' like 'day-ter'.


    @NTM23 @Monaro213 Yeah, I lived in the USA for a few years, and I noticed there were a few words like that. Beeta vs Bay-tah, Day-tah vs Dah-ta, even zed(z) vs zee. Or my friends were Meg-an instead of Me-gan. I love language, and I just loved reading that despite the commentary :D


    Downloading now :-)


    I played the beta today. The graphics, just wow. As for the gameplay..time will tell, and I hope it has a good story for the singleplayer.


    @Chaos_1990 I'm hooked on Hunter mode. Simply cannot get enough of it... a thousand times more badass than CoD's silly infected mode :P


    I am puzzled why so many of these lame games are made. I think that there should only be 4 FPS franchises, 1: Borderlands, 2: Black Ops, 3: Bioshock, and 4: BF


    @God-of-Gaming Well, you like Borderlands, Battlefield and Bioshock, so you're sorta redeemed. Crysis, though, is noticeably absent. As is Halo. And even Metroid if you've had even exposure to multiple platforms. I think you're just biased towards the letter 'b' though. In all honesty, if I was going to play CoD, it'd be Black Ops so you're not completely terrible, just mostly :P


    @God-of-Gaming For simple having Black Ops on the same list with BF I can say many about you.


    @God-of-Gaming Now wonder you play those games because your pc can't run Crysis tech. beat it kid


    Well, what do you know, they are actually playing on PC


    I played the MP beta today. Feels like Killzone, but it's much worse...


    These maps are looking pretty exotic; I knew that this show could be more versatile...great change of characters.


    This is pretty entertaining.. These 2 guys should do more video previews.

    Crysis 3 looks good too.


    This game is shit, Crysis 2 with a new coat of paint literally, it might be worth it for the campaign if it has a decent campaign with at least 10 hours of Gameplay on 1 play through. I think i'll keep my money for the new Alien's game that's coming out at least that's something a little different to the table for a change, or wait for crysis 3 to be about 10£ because no way is this game worth it for the Multiplayer it sucks. On a positive note though graphics are better than Crysis 2.


    I keep thinking back to that comment made by the studio about how Gears 3 and Halo 4 just looked ok. Both of those games look and play better than this demo on xbox.



    I'm not really a fan of shooters or "AAA" games, but I borrowed Halo 4 from a friend and the graphics were absolutely stunning. Best I've ever come across on the 360. I doubt Crysis 3 will be able to match it. Which is quite ironic given Crytek obsess over graphics, leaving much to be desired in the area of actual fun, long lasting gameplay, as Crysis 1 and 2 proved. This new one doesn't look set to change that. Yet another bland, boring ,multiplayer-centered FPS, oh the joy! :/


    just gonna wait for a Pre-Owned copy : )


    This should be on Now Playing. I want the old Random Encounters back.


    I absolutely hate this game


    Just finished playing it on PS3. Well. It looks good but it still have same problems that Crysis 2:

    1. Unbalanced shotgun power compering to other guns

    2. Very annoying killcams! Why can't they show what exactly happened?

    3. Still connection speed is all you need to win.

    After what I saw here I will not buy it on day 1. I'll wait as I'm still missing my "tooled up" trophy, and I want to be sure this one is not as broken and bugy as C2 MP.


    I have now played the beta version of Crysis 3 online on both PS3 and PC with the PC version set on very high settings. Comparing the differences between the two I must admit that the console version looks really darn good. I applaud the developers in this regard. That said the console versions do suffer from frame-rate issues but not enough to detract from the overall enjoyment of the game. The PC version is the superior version no surprise there. The PC version has superior draw distances and the environment is more detail. Also the frame-rate is a lot more stable. Bottom line to those planning on buying Crysis 3 on a console instead of a PC. Here is my take. Based on this Beta so far you will not be missing much in terms of overall experience and presentation. For seven year old systems the console version stands up quick while to the PC version..


    @youngzen69 please provide the download link to the PC version. Please !


    @youngzen69 Please provide the download link for the PC version. Please !


    @youngzen69 thanks for the info I have yet to play the console version but i like your honesty and i'm sure crysis fans will love the game no matter what version they get.


    On the technical side of things while playing the Beta version online I notice that both the PC version and console version are cap at 16 players max.


    Played the beta on my PS3 last night. it was a lot of fun and looked pretty great visual wise too.. no problems that i saw.. even though multiplayer gaming isn't really my thing, and if i buy the game i probably wont play it online, ill just play the single player part.

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