QuakeCon 2011: First-Person Perspectives Panel (Part 4)

An all-star cast of developers behind games such as Rage, Resistance 3, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sit down and discuss the future of the first-person shooter. Panel includes Julien Roby (Arkane), Tim Willits (id Software), Drew Murray (Insomniac), and Mackey McCandlish (Respawn).

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    direct to brain, yeah! that would be great!


    Predicition/Hope of where gaming is going eventually in one word... Holodeck.


    You herd the Game Developers Microsoft and Sony "More memory", I would like to see more power and switch to DX 11 for the consoles! I'm ready for the next generation in gaming, PC gamer here! I want games to get has close to "Movie Quality" as possible, that's where I want the future in gaming to get to!


    there a part 5 ?


    I HATE MOTION CONTROLLS...............................................................I PREFER A CONTROLLER ALL DAY


    Great stuff, could hardly hear the Q n A but an interesting discussion for sure.


    Interesting stuff. Nice to see how much the devs at least still do care about their projects. I think they're pretty dead on as well, the real revolution, well the next one, will probably be less about the gameplay or the stories themselves but about how we actually interact and play. Then again I actually love and prefer my xbox controller over all alternatives..... Might become an issue if we start needing tutorials on how to even use the control scheme, nevermind playing the game itself.


    I was wondering where DK was.