QuakeCon 2011: First-Person Perspectives Panel (Part 3)

An all-star cast of developers behind games such as Rage, Resistance 3, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sit down and discuss the future of the first-person shooter. Panel includes Julien Roby (Arkane), Tim Willits (id Software), Drew Murray (Insomniac), and Mackey McCandlish (Respawn).

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FPS games today are way too short. Multiplayer is important, but developers have forgotten how to craft a deep, addictive and rewarding 20 hr+ SINGLEPLAYER campaign that Valve's Half-Life or Rare's Goldeneye and Perfect Dark set the standard for years ago.


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sooo FPSMMO is the future? sounds good to me.


Give the Game Developers "More memory" Microsoft and Sony! I would like the consoles up to speed with the PC, I'm ready for the next generation in gaming, I would also like to see games to get as close to "Movie Quality" as possible, PC gamer here! Game Developers are going Multi-Platform now so consoles need to be up with the PC! I want the future in gaming!!! Intel's coming out with new technology Q4 20 11, LGA 2011 socket, X79 express chip set! Microsoft and Sony I hope you make a console that's up to speed with this technology and move to DX 11!


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