Pokemon X and Y - Mega Pokemon Revealed

Take a look at a new kind of Pokemon Evolution appearing in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Meet Mega Mewtwo, Mega Lucario, and Mega Blaziken.

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    Haven't played this since Pokemon Yellow and there were only 150 of these bastards. Times have changed.


    Is this isn't like Digimon, I wouldn't know what to tell you.


    Its sth like super sayan from dragonball ^^


    Wow, they really just put mega in front of their name. I can tell they were super creative in the names LOL


    @edpeterson Eh. Since it's not an actual evo, I can see why they did that.

    Plus, it keeps things nice and simple.


    So... no MewThree? :(


    @dylan417 NO it is Mega a denoting factor of one million so is obviously mewtwomillion